ring down the curtain

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ring down (or up) the curtain

mark the end (or the beginning) of an enterprise or event.
The reference here is to the ringing of a bell in a theatre as the signal to raise or lower the stage curtain at the beginning or end of a performance. Compare with bring down the curtain on (at curtain).
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bring/ring down the ˈcurtain (on something)


bring/ring the ˈcurtain down (on something)

bring an end to something: The BBC has finally decided to bring the curtain down on one of its oldest television programmes.
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ring down the curtain

To end a performance, event, or action.
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That goal will swing into action today when, in the final act to ring down the curtain on their visit, the Europeans will begin the process of establishing the network to enable them to continue to extend and enhance their knowledge and skills back home and also allow others to benefit from their endeavours in the future.
For Jorndt it will ring down the curtain on a career that has spanned four decades, one that saw him rise from the ranks of the company's pharmacists to become chief executive officer and finally chairman.
Boston native Sean Curran brought his company to the Emerson Majestic Theater to ring down the curtain.
The big change will ring down the curtain on a financial era dating back more than 70 years.
You can finally ring down the curtain on the politics of division,'' Davis said.
From here to the cogito is but a short step, with Descartes's radical solution to the problem of individuality serving to ring down the curtain on the Renaissance.