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before the rinderpest

Long ago. Rinderpest is a contagious and often fatal cattle disease that has decimated Africa's cattle population at various times throughout history. Primarily heard in South Africa. Before the rinderpest, this area was hardly developed at all.
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since the rinderpest

For a long time; since olden times. Rinderpest is a contagious and often fatal cattle disease that has decimated Africa's cattle population at various times throughout history. Primarily heard in South Africa. I bet that dilapidated old barn has been here since the rinderpest.
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before (or since) the rinderpest

a long time ago (or for a very long time). South African
Rinderpest is a contagious viral disease of cattle that periodically caused heavy losses in much of Africa. The 1896 epidemic was so devastating that it was treated as a historical landmark, so giving rise to this expression.
See also: before, rinderpest
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European observers from all walks of life testified to the massive tragedy which would befall African societies in the event of a rinderpest outbreak among their herds.
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This increase is attributed to the disappearance of the rinderpest virus in ungulate populations of the SME (Sinclair et al.
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At the launch, Union Agriculture Minister informed that dreaded Rinderpest disease has been eradicated from India and stressed that similar efforts are needed to control and eradicate diseases like FMD, PPR, Brucellosis, CSF, BT, HS etc.
It is now believed that many outbreaks in India previously attributed to rinderpest were actually PPR (Taylor, 2002).
The variable region of C-terminal contains highly immunogenic sites amino acids 520-525 for Rinderpest virus and aa 457-472 for PPRV which make possible the differentiation of two viruses by indirect ELISA and Western blot (Diallo et al.
In the early 1900s, 90 percent of the country's herd of carabao was almost wiped out by diseases, particularly rinderpest, and locust infestation, which damaged vegetation.
Experts attending include Dr Paul Livingstone, research manager at New Zealand's Animal Health Board and chair of the TB Control Programme Technical Advisory Group; Professor Glyn Hewinson, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency's chief scientific advisor, and Professor Peter Roeder, veterinary consultant and secretary of the Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme at the Food and Agriculture Organisation.
Islamabad, 22 May, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Federal Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development, Mir Humayun Aziz Kurd has said that World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) declared Pakistan free from Bird flu (Avian influenza) and Rinderpest disease of cattle & buffalos and due to this decision the export of meat has been increased from 36.
Most classic African literature is set in East Africa, where greater kudu have been scarce since the great rinderpest of a century ago.
Then in 1866 the Cattle Diseases Prevention Act was passed to combat the outbreak of cattle plague or rinderpest which was then sweeping through the country, and the Cattle Plague Department was set up in the Home Office to administer it.
So, this neglect has been going on for over 38 years, while at the other hand, the outbreak of the Rinderpest disease in 1983, which led to the death of over 60 million cows in the North, grossly affected the fortunes of the herdsmen.