rile up

rile someone up

to get someone excited and angry. He yelled at them and riled them up. They left quite angry. He riles up everyone he talks to.
See also: rile, up
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Armstrong had a spirited fight with Dallas defenseman Stephane Robidas, then pounded on the glass and raised his hands, in an attempt to rile up his own teammates as much as the fans in attendance.
He'd probably rile up the worst if you told him he couldn't skateboard.
It was in relation to gay men what the old blood libel was in relation to Jews: a dirty, dishonest fiction, but one with undeniable power to rile up fear and loathing.
Cricket handlers rile up their losing pugilists by apparently punishing them--shaking the insects and tossing them into the air 20 to 40 times.
The rest of the pressure was applied by the Angels' production crew, which zoomed in several times on the Boston-Oakland score, ostensibly to rile up the crowd but directly in contrast with Scioscia's ``in-house focus'' mantra.