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all right(y) already

Please stop; that's enough. Typically used as an expression of frustration. All right already! We can have pizza for dinner tonight, just stop whining about it! All righty already! I'm turning off the TV because I can't watch that movie one more time!
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all righty

slang A sentence substitute used when one agrees to something or acknowledges something, similar to "OK" or "sure." The addition of "-y" at the end of "right" is intended to be very informal or humorous. All righty, let's go to the movies tonight. A: "I'm going out, I'll be back tonight." B: "All righty, see you later."
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all righty

Inf. All right.; OK. Tom: Let's go to the state fair. Bill: All righty, let's do that. Everybody ready? All righty, then, let's get started.
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All right(y) already!

Inf. an impatient way of indicating agreement or acquiescence. Alice: All right already! Stop pushing me! Mary: I didn't do anything! Bill: Come on! Get over here! Bob: All righty already! Don't rush me!
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All right already!

and All righty already!
phr. All right!; Okay. (The second version is more comical than rude.) All right already! Stop pushing me!
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All righty already!

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Half of Almoras 8 home runs were against righties, and he believes he can handle pitchers from either side.
Since lefties play righties on a consistent basis, they are more accustomed to returning the serve cross-court to the server's off hand, and the righty is more comfortable serving cross-court because he is usually playing another righty and the serve would be to the opponent's offhand.
Moreover, the ink smudges all over if lefties try to write each character in the same direction as righties.
Working against him is that his ERA has gone up each of those seasons and righties hit .
The result is that all righties write the same way.
He thinks it's kind of funny that red-meat righties like Tom DeLay and Bob Novak say that he's "not a real Republican.
Lefties, use your right hand, and righties, use your left.
Yes, Calgary, the most conservative city in Canada; the home of oil barons and raging righties like Ralph Klein.
Satellite channel Sony Entertainment Television Asia has won exclusive rights to the first Lefties versus Righties cricket tournament, it was announced yesterday
We find it best to double up in each category, hopefully having two lefties and two righties who can spot-relieve, close, or set up.
If you keep a tab you'll notice that lefties go up the line more often than righties.
Which, come to think of it, many left-handers are ambidextrous simply because the approximately 13 percent of the world's population that are southpaws have been forced to adapt to a world made for righties.
Although researchers have shown that for the three other snail groups tested so far, a single gene determines spiral direction, those groups' righties can mate with lefties.
After testing 42 lefties and righties, Dorothee found her bar graph is nearly the same for both.
If a right-handed pitcher can get only righties out, what the heck is he doing on the mound?