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the legal right to occupy a particular space on a public roadway. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; yield ~.) I had a traffic accident yesterday, but it wasn't my fault. I had the right-of-way. Don't pull out onto a highway if you haven't yielded the right-of-way.
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We also assessed whether the right-of-way was a barrier to movements by comparing homing success of individuals translocated across the right-of-way to those translocated across the right-of-way at control sites.
The trees are located at various parks, City building sites and traffic right-of-ways throughout the City.
He is responsible for the preparation/signing of all preliminary plans, record plats, right-of-ways, and easements.
It looks like our best option is into a line that is about two miles away and this will require obtaining right-of-ways and of course, laying the line.
Running from the City of Philadelphia to Spring Township, the rail line will utilize existing freight railroad right-of-ways, both active and unused, and generally parallel the Schuylkill River.
The expansion encompasses the addition of 167 miles of new pipeline, of which 91 percent is along existing right-of-ways, and the addition of 132,615 horsepower of compression, including three new compressor stations.
The work consists of routine mowing of DRAs, drainage right-of-ways (DROWs), adjacent road right-of-ways (ROWs), and conveyance swales within drainage easements where identified.
Excavation and re-grading of existing site, paving, curbing, adjustment of utilities as needed, sodding, demolition of fencing and driveways in right-of-ways, and construction of improvements, along with other work incidental thereto as shown on the Construction Plans and described in the Contract Documents.
this request for proposal seeks to secure the most qualified consultant to assist the city of capitola by performing field evaluations/inspections of all city facilities, evaluation of the city~s right-of-ways, programs, services and activities, and provide a comprehensive update of the city~s ada transition plan.
The right-of-ways, the transceivers, and the waps necessary to operate the Ricochet network, plus the two network operating centers reflect intense capital expenditures in place today.
Tenders are invited for Provide graffiti removal services for all streets, sidewalks, private property (as limited to arterial walls and perhaps occasionally building walls that face public highways) and public property, parks, bike and nature trails, flood channels, civic center and right-of-ways, located within city limits.
Tenders are invited for Providing disaster management, recovery, and consulting services to monitor functions on the removal and lawful disposal of disaster-generated debris from public property and public right-of-ways as a result of natural and man-made disaster events.