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Sometimes he would sit backward, with his face to the horse's tail and sides, and then, with a whoop and a somerset, come right side up in his place again, and, drawing on a grave face, begin to lecture Andy in high-sounding tones for laughing and playing the fool.
Because his prose at times verges on police-blotter reportage ("Just the facts, ma'am"), Right Side Up lacks the literary dimensions that might have made it a political classic.
Too often Right Side Up readers will feel they are once removed, merely observing the author watch his cast perform the painful interactions between their character and the circumstances in which they find themselves.
What do we actually learn about the last decade of federal politics in Right Side Up that we didn't know from our morning Globe and Mail?
He would have done better to end Right Side Up with Paul Martin's abdication and Stephen Harper's move into office.
I predict that Right Side Up will be the first of many Paul Wells bestsellers.