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rig out

1. To fit, fasten, or equip (with something). Tom just bought a new motorcycle that's been rigged out with a super powerful engine. I'm planning on rigging out my computer with a new processor and some extra memory once I save up a bit of money.
2. To clothe or be dressed, especially in a fancy or fashionable attire. Well, it looks like Jeremy rigged out nicely for the prom. I've got to get home and rig out before our big date tonight.
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(in) full rig

In fancy, perhaps ceremonial, attire. Graduates, we need you to arrive at the commencement ceremony in full rig, OK?
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rig something up

to prepare something, perhaps on short notice or without the proper materials. We don't have what's needed to make the kind of circuit you have described, but I think we can rig something up anyway. We will rig up whatever you need.
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(in) full rig

(wearing) smart or ceremonial clothes. informal
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rig up

1. To equip something: She took the fishing rod out of the case and rigged it up. He rigged up the guitar with some new strings.
2. To make or construct something in haste or in a makeshift manner: We rigged up a pulley to lift the shingles to the roof. They rigged a tent up using a sheet and three thick sticks.
3. To connect something to something in haste or in a makeshift manner: Let's rig the computer up to the stereo so we can play music off the hard drive. I rigged up the old record player and put on an album.
4. rig up in To dress, clothe, or adorn someone in something: They rigged the dancers up in elaborate gowns.
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1. tv. to arrange or tamper with the results of something. Somebody rigged the contest so no one got first prize.
2. n. a large truck; an eighteen-wheeler; a large recreational vehicle. There were three rigs sitting in the parking lot when we got there.
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Biologists try to put the oil rig reefs where they are out of the way of shipping and commercial fishermen but within reach of sport anglers.
The legs of the oil rigs represent a kind of vertical reef, allowing researchers to examine the stratification of marine life at different depths.
As soon as possible, GVDC expects to add a production service rig and another drilling rig to its fleet there since Nevada is becoming an exploration province for an increasing number of companies who believe that Nevada could host very large oil and gas targets as well.
The rig entered service in 1983 and was upgraded to its current specifications in 1988.
Statements contained in the Contract Status of Offshore Rig Fleet Reports, including information regarding the Company's estimated rig availability, contract duration or future day rates, customers or contract status are forward-looking statements.
com from November 27 that listed RIG as a potential takeover target, citing the oil-services company's low P/E ratio and its ability to generate lots of cash.
However, it's important to note that Nabors has significantly mitigated risks associated with the newbuild program by signing 115 firm contracts on new and refurbished rigs, many of which are take-or-pay contracts and extend for three years after the rig has been delivered.
DALLAS -- ENSCO International Incorporated (NYSE:ESV) announced that one of its subsidiaries has entered into an agreement with the Keppel FELS Limited (Keppel FELS) Shipyard in Singapore to construct an ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rig to be named ENSCO 8502.
has signed a one-year drilling contract with Chesapeake Operating of Oklahoma City, OK (NYSE:CHK) whereby it agreed to furnish a rig and necessary labor in exchange for a $16,000 dayrate.
DALLAS -- ENSCO International Incorporated (NYSE: ESV) announced today that its Contract Status of Offshore Rig Fleet Report has been updated as of September 15, 2006.
Both wells encountered multiple pay zones with encouraging oil and gas shows and are currently waiting on the availability of a completion rig.
Our 250K Underbalanced rig has rapidly developed into a technology leader in the underbalanced drilling industry.
In November 2004, the United States had 1,251 active rigs searching for, or developing, oil and natural gas, compared to just 1,113 rigs in November 2003.