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a rift in the lute

A small problem or flaw in something that jeopardizes the whole. I hope this bit of rust isn't a rift in the lute and doesn't end up damaging the whole paint job.
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1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I can’t keep getting riffed every night like this.
2. and rift mod. fired; released from employment. (From rif, “reduction in force.” A dismissal not for cause, but simply to reduce the number of workers.) Most of the sales force was rift last week.
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VR headsets have seen steady growth and penetration among consumers, but the Rift has generally been an also-ran versus its competitors.
The rifts cover several farms on top of the mountain and it appears the cracks are moving further up the mountain.
In eastern Africa, the current transition between continental and oceanic rift lies somewhere between Afar and the southern end of the Red Sea.
Too often, Christian efforts at repairing the rifts are undermined by viewing Judaism in opposition to Christianity--its God hostile, its people stubborn and unenlightened, essentially "the evil to which Christianity offers the good.
Analyses of active rifts in East Africa, China, Siberia, the Gulf of Suez, and the Russian Arctic provide immediately implementable petroleum exploration applications in regions heavily targeted by oil & gas companies
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-4 April 2005-Nokia launches mini site for RIFTS game for N-Gage(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A general rule of plate tectonics is that such rifts must hook up to other plate boundaries, but researchers have had trouble tracing the connection of the East African rift.
It is between these propagating rifts that bookshelf faulting occurs, the researchers say.
Geologists think that most new seafloor rifts develop where plates are youngest and weakest--at their birthing places.
Using seismic waves from earthquakes and underground explosions in much the same way doctors utilize X-rays to look inside the human body, geologists are painting the most detailed pictures ever of the Earth's great rifts.
While the stress runs throughout the entire plate, rifts develop only where fractures in the lithosphere predispose it to snap.
The water-etched lower boundaries of Saudi Arabia -- the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba on the east -- illustrate how rifts in the upper earth tend to follow the path of least resistance, traveling through the weakest areas, according to Michael S.
Less than 10 days after researchers reported the massive crack in Larsen C ice shelf in northwest Antarctica had to grown to over 175 kilometers (almost 110 miles) long, a new report out Tuesday said a new rift has branched out from the existing one.
Washington, November 3 (ANI): Scientists from several countries have confirmed that the volcanic processes at work beneath the Ethiopian rift are nearly identical to those at the bottom of the world's oceans, and the rift is indeed likely the beginning of a new sea.
The study, based on analysis of satellite images of the region, revealed that the rift that led to a 225-square-mile iceberg breaking off from the glacier in mid-2015 originated nearly two years earlier in the centre of the ice shelf.