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This riding style -- termed "classical" -- demands agility, speed and calmness in the face of danger from the horse/rider partnership and is the source of many of the Haute Ecole dressage (advanced training) movements seen today in competitions such as the Olympics.
Sitting in the shade only a few yards from the riding ring, Meredith Vincent watches her 9-year-old son, Sam, ride a 22-year-old therapy horse named Chiquita.
Regardless, kids were having fun, experiencing the thrill of riding for $350 a week and a $100 deposit.
I'm enjoying riding more than I have in a long time.
One of the more attractive packages is in the guest ranch selection, where viewers can book a horseback riding and wine tasting getaway near the redwoods.
According to Mustard, this congregation doesn't require your fanciest suit or your prettiest dress, just your snappiest riding gear.
For example, Whitter said riding with her teacher taught her something about adults.
Skipper's three children, who live in Castaic, enjoy riding bikes with their dad.
Horse or Hog - There is No Better Jean on the Planet for Riding" equates riding in a horse saddle to riding in a bike seat.
Business, Riding and Sponsorships Make a Good Match In the Hamptons
Stevens couldn't disagree after riding Candy Ride in workouts and victory in the July 4 American Handicap on the Hollywood Park turf.
With so many new and returning riders, and with prime riding season upon us, it's timely to note that May is designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month.
Kuredjian was a motorcycle officer who helped put together the Iron Warriors, Norlemann's law enforcement motorcycle riding club that organized Sunday's ride.
Equestrian endurance riding is a fast-growing sport well suited to the scenic and well-maintained trails at Lake Oroville.