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For full details of all Sky Ride Local rides, including times, how to register and meeting places, visit the website www.
For its part, Six Flags, like other parks, is spending less money on new rides than it used to.
Building a ride "is not as simple as saying: We'll put a piece of coaster track here or there," says Mesko.
Marianwood's Memory Ride began in 2001, when Martin overheard residents reminiscing about old cars and riding on motorcycles.
Shot for the most part on video since the '80s, they are low-budget and unapologetically repetitive: one noteworthy ride after another, period, with at most a thong shot or distracted pan of shore--"I think that's Indonesia.
He has visited Moab for the past six years to reconnect with the Slickrock Trail and hammer out other epic rides.
The spark found fuel at the December 2001 AFL-CIO convention in Las Vegas when the proposal for the Freedom Rides was adopted.
Our trail rides allow the campers to test their skills a bit by venturing away from a controlled environment.
facilities with one or more fixed-site amusement rides.
Vekoma; global amusement industry giant specializing in rides
The ride is undergoing routine maintenance and is set to re-open Feb.
CPSC currently has oversight over mobile rides only.
Pallotta TeamWorks turns to more profitable breast cancer walks as interest and funds for AIDS rides wane
Spider-Man, which cost $100 million and took five years to build, belongs to a class of amusement-park attractions called immersive thrill rides or simulator rides.