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One of the questions of today's Gospel text is this: How does the weeping of four poor campesinos, who cannot even buy medicine for their children when they are sick, connect to the weeping of the rich man in the story who can't let go of his possessions?
Though most Americans polled today have turned against the White House's war of choice, Rich has written critically of it from the beginning.
Increase on charges for veterans' health care so rich people can have more money.
Part of her frustration stems from a rich girl's sense of frustrated entitlement, an inevitable coming to terms with an object she wants but can't have.
Indeed, for all their claims that the average millionaire is very much like the guy next door, Stanley and Danko knew that their book would make them millionaires-and Philbin knew his show would be a hit--because we treat the rich as if they are somehow better than the rest of us.
In his most famous novel, Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memoirs of Captain Charles Ryder, Waugh, during the 1939-1945 war-time abstinence and rationing, unfolded a luxurious world of fine food, wonderful wine, and recognizably rich folk.
Provides a rich component suite including Auto-complete, Menu, Table, Tree, Tabs, Drag & Drop, animation effects, and many more;
How much the rich man wants just a small sip of water after denying similar simple comforts to the man he now envies.
It's something that's been stressed to me for quite some time, and something I definitely decided to do something about,'' Rich said.
First, take power in a disputed election, then move quickly to give the very rich a big tax cut.
Adrienne Rich is one of the leading American poets of our century.
WE'VE ALL HEARD the bromide, ``The rich are different from you and me,'' and while it's certainly true to a certain extent, leave it to HBO and MTV to find a new reason for its veracity: The rich can get their home movies platformed on high-profile cable channels.