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white on rice

As close as can be. Often used in the phrase "like white on rice." If that forward tries to get in our zone, I'll be on him like white on rice! You better pass this test, or else I'll be on you like white on rice, monitoring your every move when you claim to be doing homework.
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a roll Jack Rice couldn't jump over

a large quantity of money. Australian informal
See also: jack, jump, over, rice, roll

like the white on rice

and as the white on rice
phr. as close as anything can be. Those two are really close—like the white on rice.
See also: like, on, rice, white

as the white on rice

See also: on, rice, white

motorized rice

n. maggots. This dead squirrel stinks and it’s alive with motorized rice!
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n. a Japanese motorcycle; a crotch-rocket from Japan. He added a crack-rack to his rice-rocket.
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New bacterial diseases of rice (brown stripe and grain rot).
Registration of two diseaseresistant germplasm lines of rice.
RiceAccording to archeological evidence, rice has been feeding two-thirds of the world's population for more than 5,000 years.
In fact, at the International Rice Research Institute Genetic Resources Centre in the Philippines, there are 80,000 rice samples in cold storage.
This is the impact of the NFAs role as food security arm of government mandated to also stabilize rice supply and prices in the market, NFA administrator Jason Laureano Y.
Polluted rice crop may push up sales to Beijing; disparities in trade data, combined with China's huge size, could disrupt markets
China has been a savior for the global rice market in the past year, importing 2.
dollars during the January-July period this year thanks to rising rice prices in the international market.
More importantly, we notice that the prices of Vietnamese and Indian rice are cheaper than us.
Rice traders in the UAE said that reports of a ban by Iran on rice imports will affect domestic rice price in the GCC and cause the market to be flooded with oversupply, according to a report by Emirates 247.
Local economists called on the Duterte administration to remove the legal monopoly of the National Food Authority (NFA) to import rice if it wants to stabilize the price of the staple.
Pakistan can capture India's US$ 260 million rice business with the European Union following the EU's zero tolerance on Tricyclazole chemical found in Indian grains.
Militant group Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) called on peasant groups nationwide to step up protest actions to compel the Duterte government to seriously address the issues besetting the domestic rice industry in the country.
The lack of government-subsidized rice in markets created a gaping hole that is lending falsity to the equation that supply and demand dictate prices and leading to an anomalous situation in which prices continued to increase despite officials' assurances of sufficient supply.