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white on rice

As close as can be. Often used in the phrase "like white on rice." If that forward tries to get in our zone, I'll be on him like white on rice! You better pass this test, or else I'll be on you like white on rice, monitoring your every move when you claim to be doing homework.
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a roll Jack Rice couldn't jump over

a large quantity of money. Australian informal
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like the white on rice

and as the white on rice
phr. as close as anything can be. Those two are really close—like the white on rice.
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as the white on rice

See also: on, rice, white

motorized rice

n. maggots. This dead squirrel stinks and it’s alive with motorized rice!
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n. a Japanese motorcycle; a crotch-rocket from Japan. He added a crack-rack to his rice-rocket.
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In a study published online in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Nutrition Sciences, lead author Theresa Nicklas, DrPH, of Baylor College of Medicine, analyzed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey datasets from 2005-2010 and evaluated the association of rice consumption with overall diet quality and key nutrient intakes in a nationally representative sample of 14,386 U.
White rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas generally had higher levels of total arsenic and inorganic arsenic than rice samples from elsewhere (India, Thailand and California combined)," Consumer Reports said.
Today, the United States is the world's 12th largest rice exporter, but it did not become a common crop in this country until two centuries after the arrival of Christopher Columbus.
Commercial production of California wild rice started in 1977 and has grown like Topsy ever since, says Jack DeWit, chairman of the Yuba City-based California Wild Rice Advisory Board.
Authenticity, variety and convenience have been key factors in the growth of our speciality rices," says Alison May, marketing manager at Merchant Gourmet, which has seen sales of its speciality rices increase by over 40% in the last year.
Unfortunately, our refined, salty, fatty, packaged rice mixes aren't nearly as nutritious as the ethnic dishes they're trying so hard to imitate.
With its distinguished author Rice quality: a guide to rice properties and analysis proves an invaluable resource for professionals in the rice industry and researchers and post-graduate students interested in rice.
Not surprisingly, chicken and rice is a family favorite, with thirty-two percent (32%) of moms reporting this familiar pairing.
And, unlike that little black dress in your closet, you can brag about how much money you save by using rice.
Complex carbohydrate foods like rice, bread and other grain-based foods are an important source of energy and are low in calories and free of fat, sodium and cholesterol.
That's why I recommend making your own rice dish and adding black beans and salsa.
Besides, absence of proper banking channels is also causing hurdles for rice exports to Iran.
The Iranian government announced the ban on import of several agricultural products including rice, until December.
Another USA Rice official noted that, as it is, "because Cuban officials cannot travel to the United States and inspect the loading facilities and rice warehouses, it takes a great leap of faith on their part to buy U.
Thick clouds of air pollution over southern Asia and increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere worldwide have restricted rice harvests in India for the past 2 decades, a new analysis suggests.