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rhyme off

To quickly articulate a litany of things or recite the items of a list. When asked if we had any baby names in mind, Sarah started rhyming them off one after the other. I then rhymed off a list of things that needed to be changed or improved if the company wished to survive.
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rhyme or reason

The particular logic, sense, method, or meaning of a given situation, action, person, thing, group, etc. (Most often used in negative formations to indicate an absence or lack thereof.) Could someone please explain to me the rhyme or reason behind the program's selection process? I've looked over it several times, but there's no rhyme or reason to the agreement we were sent this morning.
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*neither rhyme nor reason

Cliché without logic, order, or planning. (Describes something disorganized. *Typically: be ~; have ~.) There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to Gerald's filing system. The novel's plot had neither rhyme nor reason.
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rhyme something with something

[for someone] to make one word rhyme with another word. I need to rhyme tree with some other word. Any suggestions? Can I rhyme good with food?
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rhyme with something

[for a word] to rhyme with another word. You can't use house in that line of the poem, because it doesn't rhyme with mice. The last word in your poem doesn't rhyme with any other word in the poem!
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run one's rhymes

Sl. to say what you have to say; to give one's speech or make one's plea. Go run your rhymes with somebody else! I told him to run his rhymes elsewhere.
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without rhyme or reason

Cliché without purpose, order, or reason. (See variations in the examples. Fixed order.) The teacher said my report was disorganized. My paragraphs seemed to be without rhyme or reason. Everything you do seems to be without rhyme or reason.
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rhyme or reason, no

An absence of common sense or reasonableness, as in This memo has no rhyme or reason. Closely related variants are without rhyme or reason, as in The conclusion of her paper was without rhyme or reason, and neither rhyme nor reason, as in Neither rhyme nor reason will explain that lawyer's objections. This term originated in French about 1475 and began to be used in English about a century later. Sir Thomas More is credited with saying of a mediocre book that a friend had put into verse, "Now it is somewhat, for now it is rhyme; whereas before it was neither rhyme nor reason."
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no rhyme or reason


no rhyme nor reason

If there is no rhyme or reason or no rhyme nor reason for something, there seems to be no logical or obvious explanation for it. There seems no rhyme or reason behind the pricing of many of these products. I can see no rhyme nor reason for the variance in spelling. Note: You can also say that something happens without rhyme or reason. Symptoms appear and disappear apparently without rhyme or reason. Cuts are being made without rhyme or reason. The only motive is to save money to meet Treasury targets.
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run one’s rhymes

tv. to say what you have to say; to give one’s speech or make one’s plea. (Collegiate.) Go run your rhymes with somebody else!
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neither rhyme nor reason

Making no sense at all. “Rhyme” alludes to poetry and by extension all of the creative arts, while “reason” stands for intellect. Accordingly, something that can't be understood or justified in terms of either artistic merit or logic is indeed of little value.
See also: neither, nor, reason, rhyme
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On the one hand, feminine endings involve more phonological material after the rhyming vowel, and hence allow for fewer rhyming options to choose from.
Witkes also wrote down her memory of her mother's family story, in rhyming poetry, of course.
He says at the outset that he considers the early Chinese rhyming groups (yunbu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) an inadequate tool of analysis and "our current state of knowledge about early Chinese phonology does not allow us to assign specific phonetic values to" them (p.
Yet as important as it is for rhyme to do that, rhyming is justified because it does more: it is a searching for metaphor.
Two rhyming couplets of differing rhyme-sounds can form a rhyming quatrain in one of three rhyme patterns: AABB, ABAB, or ABBA.
Stories were selected that lended themselves to rhyming activities and child role-play.
Others say the rhymes began with the ballad sellers, people who wrote and sold rhyming stories.
Go pester someone else's brain, I'm tired of this poetry game, Rhyming birds.
The book is a guide to cartoon drawing in which a line by line guide is supported with rhyming couplets or triplets.
This poem consists of six quatrains, each rhyming abba.
From the very oldest nursery rhymes such as 'Rain, rain go away, come again another day' to Shakespeare and rhyming verse, poetry and song have long been part of our heritage.
Mother Goose rhymes are universally popular because of their simple rhyming words coupled with basic rhythms.
Not only is this book fun to read and creatively written and illustrated, it is an excellent resource for teaching the skill of rhyming.
To myself and all poets who favour rhyming poetry (what I call real poetry) he was a revelation; his stuff had rhythm, rhyme, wit and tragedy.