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I conclude by showing that Swinburne's Century was an argument in Victorian debates about whether rhyme was solely a sonic medium or could operate as a visual medium as well.
To rhyme well, wittily, inventively, and confidently is to promise sexual mastery" (85).
In general, when there is a rhyme, we also find a stanza, ranging from a couplet, or pair of lines (rimes plates in the alexandrine), to longer and highly unorthodox sequences, which can be as long as twenty-nine lines, as in one of Voltaire's odes "To de Richelieu" (AbAbAAbbCCbC ddCeCeCeCeeCfCCfC).
Rhyming patterns sometimes reveal themselves only after being read aloud, and Hine has plenty of tricks and odd patterns to keep the rhymes from becoming predictable.
Generously interspersed among the rhymes are illustrator Sarah Clement's full-page, bold, full-coloured illustrations and smaller, mostly sepia-toned traditional illustrations selected from the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books (Toronto Public Library).
This broad conception allows us to pursue the phonetic processes of "canonization" and "decanonization" (kanonizacija i dekanon-izacija) of pure rhyme in its historical course.
Available in Clearwater, Hourglass and Plum colours, the HTC Rhyme comes with a 5-megapixel camera and its locked home screen can be customised to display the content most important to the user.
Consider, for instance, Shakespeare's "Sonnet 55" where the aural rhyme doesn't exclude further associative connotations:
ItAAEs nicknamed AoWorm CityAo, and Fred Rhyme is its mayor.
Only 36% of the parents surveyed regularly read nursery rhymes with their children, while almost a quarter admitted to having never sung a nursery rhyme with their child.
His first day there, Rhyme is visited by Jim Bell, sheriff of Paquenoke County, where two women have been kidnapped and a young man killed by 16-year-old Garrett Hanlon, nicknamed the Insect Boy because of his interest in bugs.
This collection of rhyme and verse is beautifully accompanied by the simple, attractively coloured illustrations and page layout.