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pass in review

[for marchers] to move past an important person for a visual examination. All the soldiers passed in review on the Fourth of July. As they passed in review, each of them saluted the officers on the reviewing stand.
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review for something

to study material again for something, such as an examination. I need some time to review for the examination. Have you had enough time to review for your speech?
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A team of 16 experienced performance auditors from seven countries reviewed our performance audit practice.
As a result, on average, fewer applications are reviewed for the NIEHS per study section than for most other institutes and centers.
While the reviewed firm is the primary user of a peer review report, other users include regulatory bodies, such as the U.
These laws should be reviewed and rewritten as necessary.
However, Dace identifies Troubled Island as a Hughes "play about Haiti" produced in 1936 in Cleveland and reviewed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (without noting that the script was another version, and not the opera production with William Grant Still).
Meyer mentioned in his letter were, in fact, reviewed by Bob Strauss, Glenn Whipp or other Daily News staff members (Strauss and Whipp can't possibly see and write about every movie released).
Using a group of volunteers, these records are reviewed, using the JCAHO Closed Medical Record Review Form criteria.
It also reflects the recognition that PowerReviews' approach to reviews is more informative and efficient for shoppers with its unique "At-a-Glance" PowerSummary for every product reviewed.
The revised standards, effective for reviews commencing on or after January 1, 2005, will enhance the quality of peer reviews and increase the usefulness of peer review reports to the public and regulators as well as to reviewed firms.
Letter notifying the firm that the peer review has been accepted--which would also include follow-up actions required to be taken by the reviewed firm as a condition of acceptance.
One such name is "conservation medicine"; a book on that topic was recently reviewed in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) (Ali 2003).
All sites reviewed were verified in June 1998, and titles, URLs, and text rewritten as necessary (Graf, 1998, p.
In fact, not every erroneous call will be reviewed.
It is only natural that the tax practice be reviewed as well.
Each product reviewed by TMR is evaluated according to eight criteria including production quality, ease of navigation, interactivity and value of content.