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Both engine configurations produce 600 net hp in forward gears and 722 hp in reverse gears (447/538 kW).
Drivers are tested for memory and car handling skills as they pit their wits against several tests comprising cones and stop-astride lines, often only using first and reverse gears, but getting up to 30 mph in a confined area and against the clock, making effective use of the handbrake turn and using the weight of the car to navigate the twisting course.
The constant change in direction and going from forward to reverse gear all whilst maintaining momentum to save vital seconds gets the heart pumping.
Freda, now 79, had to master double clutching, five forward gears and five reverse gears in order to pass her test in the Austin Champ.
It was very easy to make a mistake because there was five reverse gears and you had to double clutch in those days.
The Powershuttle option, which offers four forward and reverse gears is available on the B90B, The Powershift option, which offers four forward and three reverse gears, as well as a kick-down feature, is available on the B115B.
With a twist of the wrist, the powershift smoothly shifts through four forward and reverse gears.
Some models have a reverse gear, which is useful for backing out of tight spots; most have only one forward gear, with speed controlled by the throttle.