reverse field

reverse (one's) field

To turn and proceed in the opposite direction.
See also: field, reverse
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On a running play to the right that looked to have no opening, he made the unwise decision to reverse field.
Just as Obama was wrong to reverse field on the military tribunals, he was wrong to do so on the release of photographs showing American soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan in ways reminiscent of the crimes of Abu Ghraib.
The respective values for the reverse field are assumed to be zero and [U.
A kind of reverse field of dreams: If we don't come, they will build it.
But Figgins realizes he will have to reverse field as advance scouts get a read on him.
All of these factors are expected to reverse field in late 1998 and 1999, paving the way for gold prices to move higher.
Should the United States reverse field and close doors of opportunity only recently opened, it will do so illegally and alone.
Nicholas Lowick, the noted British numismatist, created a working table of sixty-eight reverse field varieties, excluding the names of governors and isolated letters, for Abbasid dirhams for the period 132 to 218.
Now the museum is called upon (as Fath Davis Ruffins writes in Museums and Communities) to reverse field, in effect, and become, as Karp says, "an agent of redemption in society," undoing the hierarchies it had previously helped to establish and enforce.
Replacing Harris in the return game was the normally reliable Kenjon Barner, who in the second quarter fielded a punt, tried to quickly reverse field and was stripped of the ball, with LSU's Tyrann Mathieu picking it up for a three-yard touchdown return.
4a) can be attributed to the fact that the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld integrals are composite quantities which can be resolved into the forward and reverse field components [u.
He scored the Trojans' lone offensive touchdown on an 8-yard run when he had to reverse field and use his speed to get around the left end.
I don't like him making runs for losses - but I sure don't mind seeing him reverse field and running for a 70-yard touchdown.
If the Sun Bowl were to reverse field and choose Arizona State - or in another scenario, swap Oregon to the Insight.
If he misses the hands of punter Johnny Hekker, there's a likely big loss of yardage on fourth down that can reverse field position.