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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Prov. It is very satisfying to get revenge a long time after the event for which you want revenge. I don't mind waiting to get revenge on Greg; I'll wait ten years if I have to. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
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Revenge is sweet.

Prov. It is very pleasurable to revenge yourself on someone. Jill: Remember when Tom left me for another woman? Well, she just left him, and he asked me out on a date. I told him I had better things to do. Jane: Revenge is sweet, huh?
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revenge oneself (up)on someone or something

to retaliate against someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) There is no need for you to revenge yourself upon Walter. It was an accident. She did not know how she would revenge herself on Joe, but she knew she would.
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seek revenge

(against someone) Go to take revenge (against someone).
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take revenge (against someone)

 and seek revenge (against someone); get revenge against someone; take revenge (on someone) (for something)
to get even with someone. Linda planned to take revenge against Ellen. I intend to take revenge on Paul for what he did. I will not seek revenge.
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revenge is a dish best served (or eaten) cold

vengeance is often more satisfying if it is not exacted immediately. proverb
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Montezuma’s revenge

(mɑntəˈzuməz rɪˈvɛndʒ)
n. diarrhea; tourist diarrhea. (Refers to tourists in Mexico.) I had a little touch of Montezuma’s revenge the second day, but other than that we had a wonderful time.
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Lodhran decision is people response to the revenge being taken in the name of ehtesab.
I have told my leaders that I do not want to contest Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha elections, I only requested them to make me the chairman of Revenge Commission when we come to power; then I will definitely take revenge from these corrupt people (BJP)," Mishra told ANI.
A fascinating sub-genre of the revenge story is the one of rape-revenge.
This is, in many ways, exactly what the revenge porn law talks about," Louis Shapiro, a criminal defense attorney, (http://www.
Dunne's project is thus twofold, detailing (1) the communal justice of revenge tragedy while providing (2) a more complex picture of early modern English law, often oversimplified by critics.
As for the revenge by the Islamic nation for Sheikh Osama, may Allah have mercy on him, it is not revenge for Osama the person but it is revenge for those who defended Islam," he continued.
We received twice as many submissions for this Revenge issue than other themes.
But at the UK's first seminar on revenge porn, in Westminster, legal experts said the legislation needed to be extended.
However, the introduction of the revenge porn law has offered greater protection for victims.
Everything about Revenge Ice Cream and Other Things Best Served Cold is over-the-top.
To me, it is perhaps the Book of Romans that expresses the strongest argument against seeking revenge.
Cases have been reported to the police, and a Middlesbrough law firm is representing victims of so-called revenge pornography, con-firming it has dealt with around 10 alleged incidents in the last six months.
JILTED LOVERS across Merseyside are posting videos and images of love-making sessions with their partners online to exact revenge after breaking up.
com)-- Rider Revenge, the technology platform to reduce Distracted Driving, has announced the launch of their app's prototype on Apple's App Store.
Legislators in at least 14 other states have introduced revenge pore bills so far this year.