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revel in (something)

To be extremely happy or celebratory about something; to relish something. I miss the days when we could revel in the absolute freedom of summer. I could tell that he was reveling in the fact that I was going to fail.
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revel in something

to rejoice or celebrate about something. All the children reveled in the fresh, warm, spring air. Tony reveled in his success.
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revel in

To take great pleasure or pride in something: The actor reveled in the critic's praise.
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Revel Systems provides customers with an improved experience through technology at the point of purchase.
The Nixeus REVEL Gaming Mouse is now available for pre-order and will be widely available on August 9th for under $50 USD at Nixeus, Newegg, Amazon, and MWave Australia.
The Governor's press secretary, Michael Drewniak, said that New Jersey is committed to boosting the casino market and has confidence that Revel will rebound.
But what sets Revel & Riot apart from other sloganeering is their commitment to provide extensive educational resources on topics such as coming out and transgender health, as well as role model profiles and an impressive searchable database of community organizations.
Tuning into any Sky golf production is a bit like opening a packet of Revels, though, because you never know what you are going to get.
Judge Revel will be forced to give Lohan bail pending the appeal, and Lilo wouldn't even have to appear in front of Judge Revel again.
REVEL was a center-left journalist whose writings earned him a reputation as a reasonable, courageous, and profound political thinker.
Morgan Stanley is the sole backer of the roughly USD2bn casino project, where construction by developer Revel Entertainment Llc began in 2007.
In fact, among the many French public intellectuals who purportedly understood the United States, Revel was one of the few who actually spent time in America.
This week, I was obliged to take the mean machine into the autumnal mists of the rural Vale of Glamorgan where I met Craig Revel Horwood, one of the acerbic judges on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.
Finnish elevators and escalators maker KONE Corporation said on Thursday (7 February) that it has received an order from Revel Entertainment to supply and install 24 luxurious high-rise elevators for Hotel Tower II at Revel, a new beachfront entertainment destination in Atlantic City.
Yet to dismiss Revel as a poor man's Vega would be a disservice to this Montreal-based former Calgarian.