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Although we remain largely in the dark regarding the peasants on the great estates east of the Elbe, this book, in conjunction with Sabean's study of Neckarhausen, provides an extremely revealing portrait of two of the three basic regional variants of German peasant society.
The effect is even more eerie in a scene in which the boys' father's specter seems to haunt their mother in a reflection against the surface of a refrigerator; the camera pans, revealing that the image is actually that of their equally tormented brother, Frank (Lee Tergesen).
DISR's visible-light and infrared spectrometers will analyze the feeble sunlight reflected from the surface of Titan back through its atmosphere, revealing the composition of clouds and the size of aerosol particles.
But as revealing as the artwork may seem, Koplewicz cautions exhibition visitors to refrain from becoming amateur clinicians after looking at the pictures.
Keckley's text, intentionally or not, splinters the fragile veneer of middle-class culture in mid-nineteenth-century America, revealing and challenging the racial, gendered, and class ideologies that were inextricably tied to the middle class's increasingly precarious social status.
The cache of coins being retrieved from this site is already revealing classic rarities as well as condition-census or finest-known items.
The sharpest-ever visible-light images of the sun are revealing puzzling new features about sunspots, the dark regions where the sun's powerful magnetic field is concentrated.
In 2002, several regional lines of seismic were acquired and recently reprocessed revealing a whole new sector, adding to previously announced potential for commercially viable hydrocarbons offshore Guinea.
Emsley tries to cover all aspects of an element by discussing its economic and environmental impact and by revealing "elements of surprise" in a section of each profile.
This work is revealing distant quasars, brown dwarfs, and galaxies.
Since most Americans stay in a home for seven to eight years, we were interested in revealing neighborhoods where house values have stayed the course and continued to appreciate over more than just a few years because house values go through cycles - like the recent run-up in housing values," says Schiller.
Members of this group intend to begin banking on line within the next six months, with many currently revealing that they are shopping for an Internet Bank.