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Now, according to Cuddon, Laverdant wrote: "Art, the expression of society, manifests, in its highest soaring, the most advanced social tendencies: it is the forerunner and the revealer.
I thought of the hymn How great thou art - alas we often make God in our own image and dismiss the creator and Jesus the revealer.
Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, is revered as a revealer of basic truths that lay hidden in the Bible.
Whether or not Bingham was the discoverer of Machu Picchu, he was certainly the revealer and popularizer of its existence to the developed world.
Walker in The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1983) traces Lucifer to Canaanite myths in which he represents heavenly masculine fire fertilizing the abyss, notes that he "continued to be linked with both lust and lightning during the Christian era," and claims that Gnostic Christians down tothe fourteenth century mystic Meister Eckhart interpret him as a bringer of enlightenment, a hero, savior, and revealer of sacred mysteries.
Sabato referred to the Spanish language as a "fateful mover and revealer of mystery" and added that if it had been solely the idiom of conquest, then the descendants of the subjugated races would have used it only to manifest their resentment.
Effective claims management, he added, "acts as a reflector of corporate values, a revealer of corporate vices and a refiner of corporate virtues.
The ethics of Christians as disciples are rooted in God, the creator and revealer, and take shape as the community seeks to understand God's will within the various circumstances of time and place.
As revealer and redeemer, Jesus is unique and universal, but in practice the visible paths to salvation have remained many.
In the petrose the feminine element served primarily to re-inscribe a temporal sequence: Time was the revealer, and what it might have revealed was problematic to a love poet who was not ready to accept the limits of temporal love.
Consorts and Revelations in Eastern Tibet: The Auto/biographical Writings of the Treasure Revealer Sera Khandro (1892-1940).
Later, the creative individual stands out as Prophet, Teacher, Revealer, Savior, or Fonder of the religious tradition" (13).
Does this liturgical innovation lead to more honor, respect, more thanks, more blessing, and a deeper and more intimate relationship to the One God, the Holy One, Creator of the universe, Revealer of the Torah and Redeemer of Israel and the world.
Dial H-I-S-T-Q-R-Y, 1997, the work that introduced the artist at Documcnta X that year, deconstructs the figure of the skyjacker as both the ambiguous revealer of geopolitical issues and the romantic icon given as a pretext for a media reappropriation, a seductive detournement.