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reunite someone or something with someone or something

to bring someone or something together with someone or something. Mary was pleased to reunite Sally with her sister. I reunited the lost cat with its owner.
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The AKC Reunite Canine Support and Relief Fund has donated more than $4 million since 2001 to K-9 search and rescue teams as well as disaster preparedness and relief causes that impact our nation's pets.
The agency currently is trying to reunite thousands of long-term foster-care children with their parents, Department of Children and Family Services Director David Sanders said.
Last week the banking industry launched a website to help reunite people with money in dor mant accounts.
Ahead of such an initiative, the savings provider said it would initiate a campaign to reunite as many customers as possible with unclaimed funds.
We always hope to reunite any dog we find with their rightful owner, and we are sure this new website will speed the process up.
I'm delighted at the opportunity to reunite a family for an exciting trip that will keep them smiling throughout the holiday season.
But after appeals to reunite the pair, a woman returned the missing macaw to the zoo late on Wednesday evening, a spokeswoman said.
It will streamline and institutionalize the process of returning a found item and reunite more owners with their lost property.
Friends Reunited, which has over 11 million members and helps to reunite old friends from school, college, university, workplaces, teams and clubs, has hosted its website solely with AboveNet for the last two years.
com is the brainchild of a former British soldier who set up the site to help reunite exiled Iraqis with their families.
1 -- 2) Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center nursing assistant Cristina Hilliker helped reunite World War II veterans Marion Naples, left, and Joe Roberts, who fought together 61 years ago.
Facilitated through charitable contributions, the immediate mission of VCA Charities is to provide funding for organizations that are assisting animals affected by the disaster, including the rescue and treatment of abandoned and neglected animals, the provision of food and supplies and facilitation of efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners.
Although Godolphin have declared Reunite at the five-day stage, the filly is more likely to run at Newbury the following day.
While reuniting them is no easy task, host Aamer Haleem and the VH1 crew once again traveled the globe to reunite New Kids On The Block, The English Beat, The Motels, ABC and Haircut 100 for a one-night only performance.
Abduction charity Reunite said Belinda Chapman-Serce,of Leicester, returned with her son,Cihan, seven, who she last saw in 2000.