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reunite someone or something with someone or something

to bring someone or something together with someone or something. Mary was pleased to reunite Sally with her sister. I reunited the lost cat with its owner.
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Last week the banking industry launched a website to help reunite people with money in dor mant accounts.
We always hope to reunite any dog we find with their rightful owner, and we are sure this new website will speed the process up.
It is my hope that over the coming years every sheriff in the nation will have one of these systems at their disposal to help identify, locate and reunite missing individuals with their families.
Reunite and Ouija Board are two of 13 possibles for the Group One contest, headed by last year's winner, Alexander Goldrun.
The movie reunites Jeunet with his ``Amelie'' leading lady, Audrey Tautou, and the director again can't get enough of the waifish Tautou's doe eyes and elfish expressions.
Reunite strongly advises any parent who fears their child may be abducted to take preventative steps.
Friends since childhood, timid doctor Dan (Green), distracted surfer Jerry (Lillard) and general screw-up Tom (Shepard) reunite at the funeral of a fourth buddy.
Here's a reality-show scheme that's not for just anyone: The producers of ``America's Next Top Model'' are searching for prospects for a still-untitled national show that would reunite adopted or foster children (18 and over only) with their biological moms and/or dads.
Our Corporate Action Resolution services are in demand not only because of increased M & A activity, but because of a growing focus on corporate governance and Keane's reputation as a company that can help reunite disconnected shareholders with their property," says Doug Johnson, President of Keane.
And at Christmas two years ago, the Chronicle provided the venue for a North East mum and daughter to reunite after 36 years.
My preference is to give Luna the opportunity to reunite with his pod.
One standout performance is offered by William Dennis Hunt as the old shepherd, once servant to Agamemnon, who helps to reunite brother and sister.
While the law doesn't require companies to reunite owners with their assets, doing so demonstrates a company's concern for its investors, customers and partners--which is especially important in today's business climate.
Yury and Lara are reunited on the battlefields of World War I - ``What a perfect couple you make,'' a character standing in for the audience tells them - but are soon separated again, only to reunite, yet again, during the cruelest moments of the Bolshevik uprising, when they finally start building their own little hill of beans.
CBS also announced that beginning in early 2004, the eighth installment of ``Survivor'' will reunite winners and the most colorful characters of the past series in a ``Tournament of Champions'' for a $2 million prize.