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9) We re-estimated the wage equation using these two returner dummy variables, rather than just one, with the reference category still being the group of non-migrants.
The returners just wanted the "potential to demonstrate that you are a competent physio" (Returner 10) rather than focus on time out of practice or experiences prior to ceasing.
Dos and don'ts for attracting and retaining women returners
Among the players charged with clearing a path for Oregon's punt returners are defensive backs Avery Patterson, Brian Jackson, Troy Hill and Erick Dargan, and receivers Ben Butterfield, Rahsaan Vaughn and Justin Hoffman.
We remind the guys, if you're in a bad position to make a block, give the returner some credit and go get the next guy.
The punt returner would be allowed to have input in the selection of the #10 position - the blocker who must body-guard the punt returner.
When the returner looks up and sees nothing but four huge opposing jerseys right in his face, his natural instinct - almost without fail - will be to turn and run back across the field laterally away from that pressure.
It seems like every week, I come in and tell them how great the returner is, and they laugh at me," said Dave Ungerer, the OSU special teams coach.
SP returners are required to follow the guidelines introduced on May 22, but the
Brown was replaced by Chung as the returner after breaking his hand, an injury that forced him to miss two games before playing Saturday with a brace.
Lewis and teammate Maurice Drew, who was selected as a punt returner, were named to the Walter Camp Football Foundation All-America team.
Figuring that might be the case, UCLA wanted to use its best returner, so coaches had Drew work on kickoff returns last week.
Barry Wood and Paul Alster, the two SP returners in question, were left with only four boards with which to work, rather than the minimum of five per returner stipulated under the procedures introduced by the SP Executive last month.
He's magic with the ball in his hands in any way, shape or form that he gets it, whether that's as a returner, a receiver, a runner,'' UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said.