return to

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return someone or something to someone

to give someone or something back to someone. Please return my tools to me. Would you return my book to me soon?
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tax return to avoid the possibility of being disallowed deductions if later it was determined that they should have filed.
Cummings notes an additional change to the information-gathering and compilation process: gathering the necessary signature information prior to submitting the return to IRS.
The exhibit on page 41 tracks our procedures for preparing a tax return in about 25 steps, including obtaining preliminary client information, setting up a file, getting answers, preparing and reviewing a return, doing a final check, making corrections as needed and sending the return to the client.
If this result is achieved, the assets are generating a sufficient return to fund the company's guaranteed product obligations by assuming risk commensurate with the risk profile of the product liabilities.
any failure that does not prevent or hinder the Internal Revenue Service from processing the return, from correlating the information required to be shown on the return with the information shown on the payee's tax return, or from otherwise putting the return to its intended use.
Today's announcement is an estimated return and the pension fund will rely on an audited, net-of-fees return to establish future employer contributions.
94-69 are intended to alert the IRS to one or more problem items or positions taken on the return to be examined, with the taxpayer maintaining (at least at the outset of the examination) that its return treatment of the item is correct.
Ten thousand Californians will receive a completed return to file.
In Miller, the court held that a taxpayer had to have a timely filed return to satisfy the three-year deadline for a refund.
If practitioners transmit an ineligible return to the IRS, the agency will reject it and the taxpayer will ultimately have to file a paper return.
This allows a return to be processed within twelve hours because of time zone advantages.
6091, because they mailed their Year 1 return to the examining revenue agent rather than to the appropriate Service Center; thus, they have not properly filed their Year 1 return.
Thus, if a donor files a return to report noncharitable gifts and made donations to charities in that same calendar year, she must report all charitable gifts.
Oscar-winning model animation company Aardman, the creators of popular characters such as Wallace & Gromit(TM) and Ginger & Rocky from "Chicken Run," has selected Data Return to run its consumer and trade Web sites.
Export the return to create IRS file (guidance of software commands).