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retrieve someone or something from some place

to recover and bring back someone or something from some place. The mother hurried to the school and retrieved her child from the classroom. I retrieved my cat from the well into which she had fallen.
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retrieve something from someone

to get something back from someone. I hope I can retrieve my book from the person who borrowed it. We were not able to retrieve the lawn mower from Fred before he moved away and took it with him.
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01(8) of the draft procedure provides that the taxpayer must provide the IRS, at the time of the examination, with the resources necessary for "promptly" locating, retrieving, reading, and reproducing on paper any imaged document.
Basically, they're all the same thing--automated systems for scanning, storing, retrieving and managing paper documents.
In turn, this allows messages to be indexed and enables specific attribute requests when retrieving files in Enterprise Vault.
Try to do this several times a week, and if possible, move to different locations for pup's retrieving drills.
Fortunately, those benevolent souls who developed our sporting breeds, especially our retrievers and spaniels, took great pains to preserve and even intensify it, precisely because it can so easily be converted into natural retrieving.
Information research skills in accessing, retrieving, and critically evaluating the credentials of experts, and ethical concerns to avoid one-sidedness in expert lists are crucial elements in fulfilling this journalistic requirement.
The prospects of retrieving DNA sequences from dinosaur fossils seem bleak," the scientists report in the May 10 Science.
Typically, retrieving a file from dead storage, (whether to obtain a prior year Schedule K-1 for a limited partner or to document a gains tax filing with invoices) can be agonizing experience.
Workers on the project are retrieving the equivalent of 75,000 drums of radioactive waste from burial trenches.
A QUICK WAY to lose any chance of a second invitation to hunt your friend's duck hole is to bring an unruly dog that spends the day banging around in the blind, spilling coffee, breaking with the shot and retrieving decoys.
The act of consciously retrieving a word from memory may stimulate the hippocampal formation much more than simply recognizing a previously studied word, they add.
The tremendous amount of digital content available is often overwhelming and could be dangerous when it comes to accessing and retrieving the information you most want in a moving vehicle.
Retrieving dummies from ponds and lakes is not only fun, but also one of the best endurance builders available.
Retrieving lost, corrupted or overwritten data is as simple as searching for and downloading a file from the Internet.