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beat a (hasty) retreat

To leave a place or situation quickly. I beat a hasty retreat when I saw my ex-boyfriend walk into the party. When the rain started, everyone on the field beat a retreat indoors.
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beat a (hasty) retreat

to withdraw from a place very quickly. We went out into the cold weather, but beat a retreat to the warmth of our fire. The dog beat a hasty retreat to its own yard.
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retreat (from something) (to some place)

to withdraw from something to some place. The army retreated from the battlefield to the safety of the forest. They retreated to the other side of the river.

beat a retreat

Also, beat a hasty retreat. Reverse course or withdraw, usually quickly. For example, I really don't want to run into Jeff-let's beat a retreat. This term originally (1300s) referred to the military practice of sounding drums to call back troops. Today it is used only figuratively, as in the example above.
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beat a hasty retreat

If you beat a hasty retreat, you leave a place quickly in order to avoid an embarrassing or dangerous situation. Cockburn decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat. Note: People sometimes just say that someone beats a retreat. I can still beat a retreat to my own hotel, and pretend that none of this ever happened. Note: Other adjectives such as quick and rapid are sometimes used instead of hasty. You weren't tempted to change your mind and beat a quick retreat?
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beat a hasty retreat

withdraw, typically in order to avoid something unpleasant.
In former times, a drumbeat could be used to keep soldiers in step while they were retreating.
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beat a (hasty) reˈtreat

go away quickly from somebody/something: I had a terrible headache from all the noise and smoke at the party, so my wife and I beat a hasty retreat.In the past, the beat of a drum was sometimes used to keep soldiers marching in the same rhythm when they were retreating (= moving away from the enemy).
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go, retreat, withdraw, etc. into your ˈshell

become more shy and avoid talking to other people: If you ask him about his family, he goes into his shell.
See also: shell

beat a retreat

To make a hasty withdrawal.
See also: beat, retreat
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