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retire from something

to withdraw from something. (Usually to terminate a working career permanently.) I retired from the company early. When do you intend to retire from your job?
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retire (in)to something

to quit working and move into something or some place. Sam and Ella retired into a Florida condo. Joe did not want to retire to Florida.
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retire on something

to quit working and live on something or a particular amount of money. I already have enough money to retire on. I cannot retire on a sum like that!
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retire someone or something from something

to take someone or something out of service permanently. The company retired the vice president from the job and gave it to someone else. It is time to retire my automobile from service.
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retire to

some place to quit working permanently and move to a particular location. When I quit working, I want to retire to Florida. We will retire to our place in the country.
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He later went to work for Budweiser, retiring in 1991.
736(b) payment, it may be subject to some anti-churning rules to determine the allowable amortization, if any, for the goodwill purchased from the retiring or deceased partner.
After retiring in 2003, he enjoyed life and nature in Florida.
He later moved to California, where he worked in the dairy business for 39 years, retiring from Baskin Robbins in 1984.
The special rules governing the treatment of payments made in redemption of a retiring or deceased partner's partnership interest are found in Sec.
Although the gain or loss a retiring partner will recognize can be determined when the total amount of Sec.
CBI will take a one-time write off of $217,800 in the fourth quarter for the pre-payment penalties associated with retiring the Bonds prior to their respective maturation dates and another one time write off of $197,500 for accelerated Bond amortization expenses.
Hewitt's research found that retiring at 67 -- just two years later than the traditional expected retirement age -- and contributing an additional 2 percent of savings to a 401(k) plan can provide a significant boost to retirement income of employees and may be a particularly important strategy for employees who do not have a pension plan or subsidized retiree medical coverage.
Shaq is mouthing words about retiring in two years or whatever.
1 -- color) Retiring Principal Sandy Wright gets a hug from fifth-grader Miranda Richardson at Sunnydale School in Lancaster.
Nibs, who got her colorful nickname from her father, who called his daughter ``her royal nibs'' growing up, taught at Kestor Avenue and Sylvan Park elementary schools before retiring in 1983.
Retiring from the Board of Directors, effective August 31, 2002, are Mr.
In the past three years, more than half of the 1,034 retiring Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and firefighters have won lucrative work-connected disability pensions because of unusually lax rules, according to a report obtained Monday by the Daily News.
Kalil joined AirTran Airways in 1995 and is retiring after more than 42 years of experience in the airline industry with companies such as Southern Airways, Republic Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines.