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retail at something

to sell at a retail price of something. This model normally retails at a much higher price. What does a product like this usually retail at?
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retail for something

to sell for a retail price of an amount of money. This item retails for less than ten dollars. How much does this retail for?
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retail something to someone

to sell something to someone at a retail price. I can retail this merchandise at ninety percent of the price of my competitor. We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.
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Evan has always been a prolific and insightful retail observer.
Dan Berthiaume, Editor, ERI Journal added "I'm excited about us (Retail Systems Alert Group) adding the top-rate supply chain coverage of Supply Chain Manufacturing & Logistics to our existing blanket coverage of the entire Extended Retail Industry.
The conference kicked off on Sunday May 21 with five specialized pre-show workshops - the 3rd annual RFID Symposium, the 11th annual Merchandise Planning Symposium, Linux in Retail Symposium, Retail Help Desk Symposium, and the annual CPFR(R) Symposium.
We are excited that Paula will be joining our team here at Retail Systems Alert Group," commented Dave Weinand, General Manager, Retail Systems Alert Group.
Recent surveys indicate the CIO's star is rising again in the industry", commented Brian Kilcourse, Chief Strategist, Retail Systems Alert Group.
In Flowcasting the Retail Supply Chain, the authors make the point that attempting to manage retail supply chains without starting first at the retail store is akin to managing headless retail supply chains.
It is testing a new concept called 'Extended Retail Industry'.
Aberdeen and Retail Systems Alert Group will jointly research the strategic actions and drivers of the 'Extended Retail Industry' (ERI), a term coined by Retail Systems Alert Group to describe a broad, consumer-focused ecosystem comprising retail, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, warehousing, solution providers, and other supporting organizations," said Dave Weinand, Director of Sales at Retail Systems Alert Group.
E[acute accent]"No one else has the extensive retail experience and expertise as well as the advanced technology that we bring to our demand data solutions," said John Jennings, president of Retail Solutions.
Retail Systems Alert Group has been tracking systems and process development in the retail, CPG and apparel industries for more than 15 years," said Thomas Friedman, founder and president of Retail Systems Alert Group, "and we recognize that these industries have become part of a larger ecosystem of compatible and inter-connected companies across the globe.
Retail Systems Alert Group, organizers of the annual Retail Systems(R) Conference & Exposition, announced the launch of the Supermarket Futures Workshop and a new conference track as part of the VICS/Retail Systems Super Conference, held May 24-26, 2005 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA.
VICS/Retail Systems Super Conference offers three days of educational and networking opportunities for all professionals in the extended retail industry.
Prior to that Bob was the global managing partner for the retail practice at Accenture, a global management consulting technology services and outsourcing company, and was also a member of its executive committee.
In addition, the solution is required to comply with the National Retail Federation's ARTS IXRetail standard XML schemas for interfacing applications within the retail enterprise.