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retail at something

to sell at a retail price of something. This model normally retails at a much higher price. What does a product like this usually retail at?
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retail for something

to sell for a retail price of an amount of money. This item retails for less than ten dollars. How much does this retail for?
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retail something to someone

to sell something to someone at a retail price. I can retail this merchandise at ninety percent of the price of my competitor. We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.
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More Than One Million Tracks and Samples Part of MOD Systems' Digital Delivery System for Retailers
For most online retailers it was smooth sailing, but for those few with problems, they were among the most significant performance issues we have seen this year," said Rushlo.
A comprehensive action plan is also included with the report, so that retailers can identify and capitalize on private label opportunities within their own operation using the IRI process.
Through the use of precision ag technology utilizing grid-sampled soil data, GPS yield mapping, variable rate application practices, weather records, and other pertinent input, ag retailers are able to generate a wealth of information to help growers produce and market their crops more profitably.
Specialty retailers, particularly those catering to children, such as American Girl Place and Build-a-Bear Workshops have entered the retail scene on Fifth Avenue.
Retailers must create a value proposition that attracts customers who want quality, brand-name products at the popular price point.
What types of systems do the best performing retailers in certain segments use?
While many retailers are anticipating stronger sales this Christmas season, they have a new problem to contend with: finding enough workers to run the cash registers and stock the shelves.
Previously, retailer promotion decisions were made period by period, based on how much manufacturers were willing to pay; essentially, manufacturers bid against each other for weekly sales.
Gives the smaller retailer the management expertise that only the larger chains can now afford.
When working with independent crop consultants, BASF focuses on those who are linked in some way to a retailer, says Lee, adding that crop consultants are included in training seminars, such as annual plant health training sessions.
Also new to Soho--and the United States--is the obscure, yet ultra hip retailer A Bathing Ape, which has committed to over 3,000 s/f at 91 Greene St.
Drawn by a strong economy, affluent residential neighborhoods and a growing business community, major and specialty retailers have flocked to Downtown Brooklyn over the past few years.
com is different because it is designed to support the efforts of the local retailer in selling and servicing Bayer products to their customer, the grower.