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retail at something

to sell at a retail price of something. This model normally retails at a much higher price. What does a product like this usually retail at?
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retail for something

to sell for a retail price of an amount of money. This item retails for less than ten dollars. How much does this retail for?
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retail something to someone

to sell something to someone at a retail price. I can retail this merchandise at ninety percent of the price of my competitor. We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.
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H&M is an example of one of those retailers who just recently opened another flagship location in the new Bloomberg office tower (at the previous Alexander's site), bringing the total of H&M stores to nine in New York City (and over 75 nationally).
Many new faces will continue to join the marketplace, including several European retailers who will continue to grow and enjoy success.
JI: There are many foreign retailers looking anew at the Japanese market, belatedly--Britain's Tesco and others.
Talbot: The president, Motoya Okada, studied in the US and has a goal that Aeon will become one of the world's top 10 retailers by 2010.
The home office helps retailers by providing high-quality products, appropriately priced for the market segment, and a powerful brand name.
Unless the value propositions crafted and delivered to wholesalers, retailers and customers are distinctive and relevant, the selling system eventually will break down and will not be sustainable.
What types of systems do the best performing retailers in certain segments use?
Who are top retailers partnering with for B2B and B2C Ecommerce initiatives?
Retailers nationwide are having trouble recruiting seasonal workers, with a healthier U.
1 problem for retailers is not that they expect this to be a soft year - it is finding a staff,'' said Dr.
Under the "pay-for-behavior" approach, a manufacturer contracts with the retailer for specific promotional services (e.
Since this group has traditionally supplied labor for retailers, this downward trend will force many retailers to either reduce their demand for labor (through increased use of technology) or be more innovative in attracting this age group to retailing.
This report provides detailed data on the size and development of retail sales of individual product types through Other Specialist Retailers globally.
Analysis of the Online Retailers market and its categories, including full year 2011 sales values and forecasts until 2016.
Table 5: G20 Countries Online Retailers Sales (USD bn), by Category Group, 2006-2011