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retail at something

to sell at a retail price of something. This model normally retails at a much higher price. What does a product like this usually retail at?
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retail for something

to sell for a retail price of an amount of money. This item retails for less than ten dollars. How much does this retail for?
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retail something to someone

to sell something to someone at a retail price. I can retail this merchandise at ninety percent of the price of my competitor. We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.
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According to higher ed leaders as well as consultants, the best of the retail advisors take detailed factors into account: What stores should be located next to each other?
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Fitch Ratings' Retail Index is calculated using a debt weighted average of trusts that securitize only retail credit card receivables.
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Retail Development Partners (RDP), headquartered at 350 Park Avenue in Manhattan, provides a comprehensive range of services through three divisions - RDP Brokerage, RDP Property Advisors and RDP Retail Consultants.
Each report provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth.