restore to

restore something to someone

to give something back to someone; to cause something to be returned to someone. I will restore the man's wallet to him after we lock the thief up. His wallet was restored to him by a police officer.
See also: restore

restore something to something

to bring something to its original state. The state restored the park to its original condition. The government forced the mining company to restore the area to its original state.
See also: restore
References in classic literature ?
Next, having remarked that, though not a master of eloquence, he had always considered that obligations of gentility obliged him to have with me a clear and outspoken explanation, he went on to say that he sought my hand in marriage; that he looked upon it as a duty to restore to me my honour; that he could offer me riches; that, after marriage, he would take me to his country seat in the Steppes, where we would hunt hares; that he intended never to visit St.
If anyone could save me from this squalor, and restore to me my good name, and avert from me future poverty and want and misfortune, he is the man to do it.
Restore to thy master that which is his due, and enrich thyself with the remainder.
I'll tell you what I want," answered Gryphus; "I want you to restore to me my daughter Rosa.
It walks the user through the process of selecting an Exchange database to restore, whether to restore to an Exchange server or PST file, and the location of that server or file.
If you're a Windows ME or XP user, you have System Restore to bring Windows back to life--and it won't make you work nearly that hard.
A therapy company approached us several years before we started RESTORE to offer us a similar program, but our response was, "No way--that's a lot of money.
For best practices, mirroring should always be accompanied by point-in-time copies for data that can permit a restore to occur from clean data that existed before the corruption occurred.
Extending Xpress Restore to 64-bit platforms enables us to provide our CDP On-Demand[TM] adaptive data protection and advanced recovery tools to a wider customer base.
The Pro version also adds a new "system image preview" capability that enables users to view the directory structure of their backup points prior to choosing one to restore to.
The challenge for backup product makers is to provide a disk-based long-term storage system that supports multiple backup applications, multiple versions of backups, allows restore to use disk's random access capability, has a comparable price point to tape, and ensures reliable and verifiable recoveries.
The combination of ICF's expertise in video formats with ADIC's products and leadership in storage management enables us to deliver a feature such as partial video restore to the broadcast marketplace within a short timeframe.
Few products can restore to a failed node on an active Cluster Server.
As with all BRU-based solutions, any read errors experienced by the bruAPP during a restore are identified, reported and circumvented where possible, allowing the restore to continue beyond the point of the error; conditions under which most other tools simply abort the recovery.
In addition, it will allow the user to restore to a storage group or individual database while other storage groups or databases are on-line and available.