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(one's) final resting place

The location where one's body is interred after death. After I die, I want my ashes to be buried with the seed of an oak, so that instead of a headstone, I might have a new, living tree mark my final resting place.
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rest (squarely) on (someone's) shoulders

To be or become the sole responsibility of someone. I never intended for the company's well-being to rest on your shoulders, but you're the only one who can take over for me while I'm ill. With my father gone, putting food on the table for the family rests now squarely on my shoulders.
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rest on (one's) oars

To relax after achieving a goal or doing a physically strenuous activity (such as rowing, as the phrase suggests). I know you're happy to have won the election, but you can't just rest on your oars—you need to start planning your first act as class president now. After painting all morning, I had to rest on my oars for a bit before I moved on to the next room.
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one's last resting place

Euph. one's grave. Daddy has gone to his last resting place. I want to be beside her in her last resting place. One's luck runs Out Fig. one's good luck stops. My luck ran out, so I had to come home. She will quit gambling when her luck runs out.
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Do you associate resting with failure or being out of control?
Also, a well-designed one-piece plastic arrow guide comes with each rest to allow for pre-shot security when a shaft is resting on the arrow shelf.
Often two flight crews are used on long flights, so that while one crew is working, the other is resting.
Anyone can fall into the bind of training too hard, too often, and resting too little.
During the night, the flies crawled off to resting places and settled into what the researchers define as a sleep pose, slumped "face down," Hendricks says.
We allow approximately twice as much resting time as from our norm of 2 1/2 to 4 times the length of the activity.
NYSE:MDT), a pioneer in new technologies for cardiac surgery, today launched the Resting Heart(TM) System for cardiopulmonary bypass.
Thousand-dollar rifle and scope combinations being shot with the forearm perched on a piece of wood: over a rolled-up ,jacket or over the top of an ammo can; forearms clenched desperately tight: forearms with only the very tip resting on a support: unsupported buttstocks wiggling in thin air.