rest against

rest something against something

to lean or position something against something, allowing it to bear part of the weight of the thing being rested. Rest the heavy end of the box against the wall and we'll slide it down the stairs. Please rest the board against something solid while you paint it.
See also: rest

rest against someone or something

to lean against someone or something; to take a rest period positioned against someone or something. The child rested against his father until it was time to board the train. A fishing pole rested against the side of the garage, ready to go to work.
See also: rest
References in classic literature ?
She gave a contented little sigh, and let her head rest against his shoulder.
He has been in rigid bondage so long that the large liberty of the university life is just what he needs and likes and thoroughly appreciates; and as it cannot last forever, he makes the most of it while it does last, and so lays up a good rest against the day that must see him put on the chains once more and enter the slavery of official or professional life.
I have passed through many lands and isles and countries," he says, "and now am come to rest against my will.
Dearly, however, did my father purchase the praise of a zealous friend; and yet did his proof of loyalty to Henry fall far short of what I am about to afford; for rather would I assail a whole calendar of saints, than put spear in rest against C
He burst into tears of maudlin pity for himself, and at length suffering her to embrace him and take charge of him, let his grey head rest against her cheek, and bewailed his wretchedness.
With a pendulum-like swoop through the crowd, that sent people flying right and left the grapnel came to earth again, tried for and missed a stout gentleman in a blue suit and a straw hat, smacked away a trestle from under a stall of haberdashery, made a cyclist soldier in knickerbockers leap like a chamois, and secured itself uncertainly among the hind-legs of a sheep--which made convulsive, ungenerous efforts to free itself, and was dragged into a position of rest against a stone cross in the middle of the place.
But lowering her glance unexpectedly till her dark eye-lashes seemed to rest against her white cheeks she presented a perfectly demure aspect.
When the tendons are relaxed, those toe bones swing back to rest against the top of the toe.
Khanzada informed a total of 57 complaints had been registered, 37 against Ashraf Ghani, three against Abdullah and the rest against security forces.
In Division One, a midweek game ended in a close 1-0 victory for The Travellers Rest against The Coachman - Scott Revell the goalscorer.
One of the derailed cars came to rest against a barn after damaging trees between the tracks and the barn.
HIBS defender Ryan McGivern is eager to lay a couple of dismal stats to rest against Azerbaijan at Windsor Park tomorrow night.
OFF- ROADING: The car comes to rest against the house
Spurned Claire Holley, 31, got drunk and ploughed through the glass doors in her ex's Ford Focus, coming to rest against the reception desk where he worked, Bolton Crown Court heard.
Shortly before 1pm the vehicle was between Park House and the Hare and Hounds public house, about half a mile east of Westgate, when it left the road to the nearside and came to rest against the wall.