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hold someone accountable (for something)

 and hold someone responsible (for something)
to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone. I hold you accountable for John's well-being. I must hold you responsible for the missing money.
See also: hold

hold someone responsible

(for something) Go to hold someone accountable (for something).
See also: hold, responsible

responsible party

the person or organization responsible or liable for something. I intend to find the responsible party and get some answers to my questions. Mary sued the responsible party in the car crash.
See also: party, responsible
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Customers appreciate the quality of Forevermark diamonds and treasure the fact that each one has been responsibly sourced.
The healthiest way to use meth responsibly is to not use it at all.
As Tony Blair states in his foreword to the strategy,millions of people enjoy drinking alcohol responsibly and moderate drinking actually has health benefits.
Jack Law, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said: 'If children see alcohol being enjoyed responsibly at home then they will pick up on that.
But the simple truth is that the Government, along with successive administrations before it, has singularly failed to act responsibly.
And all parties work to encourage Americans to drink responsibly before driving.
Although the decision to medicate more responsibly certainly represents an important transition in how our society uses antibiotics, it still does little to inform the public.
Participants pledge to always behave responsibly, to show respect for themselves and others, and to do their best with every task, no matter how small it may seem.
Expensively carved stone and slate, a fake upper storey, a responsibly 'civic' clock tower, and Classical colonnades in the newly invented 'Bakewell order'.
Perhaps the most important role which the Caribbean media can play is responsibly to criticize governments and hold them accountable.
If we inculcate the tenets of that Constitution in the people and, to some extent, in the countries in which we operate, then we have indeed behaved responsibly.
Statistics show that the vast majority of adults who drink do so safely and responsibly.
Constraints from government on freedom to act responsively and responsibly to fast-developing issues--because of failure of a few companies to act responsibly.
Open defending tennis champion Rafael 'Rafa' Nadal as the Bacardi Limited Global Social Responsibility Ambassador and spokesperson for the award-winning multi-media campaign "Champions Drink Responsibly.
Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today a global initiative to increase procurement of responsibly sourced seafood at Hyatt hotels, starting with an initial goal of responsibly sourcing more than 50 percent of their inventory by 2018.
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