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responsible party

The person, group, organization, country, etc., that is liable for something, the source of something, or the authority over someone or something. If you take a piece of equipment out of the office, you are the responsible party should something happen to it. The investigation identified several banks as responsible parties in the start of the financial crisis. It is the responsible party's duty to be aware of and understand the benefits and limitations of the insurance policy before making a claim.
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hold someone accountable (for something)

 and hold someone responsible (for something)
to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone. I hold you accountable for John's well-being. I must hold you responsible for the missing money.
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hold someone responsible

(for something) Go to hold someone accountable (for something).
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responsible party

the person or organization responsible or liable for something. I intend to find the responsible party and get some answers to my questions. Mary sued the responsible party in the car crash.
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One of the Gigginstown trio, Enjoy Responsibly "was very good last time at Killarney and hopefully he can put in a similar performance here"
Our palm oil commitment extends beyond certification to ensure that the entire supply chain process, from palm plantation to consumer, is managed responsibly and aligned with our three pillars of sustainability: people, distribution and innovation," she said.
To help dog walkers enjoy the countryside responsibly, and feel confident that they and their pet are playing a part alongside everyone who works and spends leisure time in rural areas, NSA has created a new area on its website specifically for dog owners.
Our message is clear we want people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely and responsibly.
Coun Bedser, who chairs the city's health and wellbeing board, argues it is better for Birmingham to set its own health policy than work with a Government 'which does not act responsibly on health'.
The ASC manages the worldwide standards for responsibly farmed seafood and is committed to preserving marine and fresh water habitats, while endorsing social standards.
All products are recycled responsibly and third-party verified.
Fans are being urged to drink responsibly on the day as officers will not tolerate supporters causing trouble for the majority of well behaved fans who want to enjoy the occasion.
RUGBY fans are being encouraged to drink responsibly during the Six Nations.
Forevermark diamonds are the world's most carefully selected diamonds, each one coming with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.
Summary: Emirates NBD on Saturday announced the launch of "Pay Yourself First," an innovative financial education campaign designed to encourage individuals to manage their finances responsibly, and improve their personal saving habits.
Lord Sugar, 64, who was the Labour government's enterprise tsar, said that banks were being unfairly "chastised" for lending responsibly.
POLICE in a Northumberland town are warning revellers to behave responsibly over Christmas.
Burma Campaign UK and Christian Solidarity Worldwide organised a demonstration today in front of the Chinese embassy in order to ask the Chinese government to use their influence on both countries responsibly.
The telecommunications company has installed a mobile recycle bin on the institute's campus, enabling students to easily discard old, unusable mobile handsets safely and responsibly.
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