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be left to (one's) own resources

To be left unsupervised or uncontrolled; to be allowed to do as one pleases. My job is really great: I know what I need to work on and am just left to my own resources. If left to their own resources, children will get into all sorts of mischief!
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leave (one) to (one's) (own) resources

To leave one unsupervised or uncontrolled; to allow one to do as one pleases; to allow one to rely on oneself, without any help or interference. I'm going to leave you to your own resources and see what you come up with without my input. It's amazing how some kids can really thrive when you leave them to their resources, while others will be completely helpless.
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leave one to one's own devices

 and leave one to one's own resources
Fig. to make one rely on oneself.—I am sure that she will manage if we leave her to her own devices. I will leave her to her own resources and everything will turn out fine.
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leave someone to his or her resources

Let one rely on oneself to do what he or she likes or to get out of trouble. For example, Left to his own resources, my four-year-old might well turn the hose on the dog, or Refusing to pay for Lydia's traffic ticket, Dad insisted on leaving her to her resources.
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The transfer is accompanied by the resource provider's conditional promise to give or is otherwise revocable or repayable.
Finally, it is essential to provide for the establishment of an adequate organizational structure to implement and maintain the water resource project.
The impact of community-resource knowledge on eligibility determinations is dependent upon resource accessibility.
Such prescriptions will result in a degraded forest environment, even from a timber-production standpoint, and they illustrate the dangers of responding to near-term political pressures and output targets instead of focusing on desired future resource conditions.
This is what our projects are about: bringing public domain community-ware and machine-learning technology in resource discovery and metadata generation, among other areas, into the library.
priority, service level, resource requirements, exception handling) with resource coordination (e.
One natural resource that is increasingly scarce and likely to trigger tensions worldwide is fresh water.
Resource Marketing already had a secure server but had to change some of its IT policies to become WebTrust compatible.
Its main goal was to establish a bridge between information resource developers and information users in diverse subjects (NISSAT, n.
For example, a high-tech related theft of money or resources statistically is identified as a theft based upon historical definitions; the high-tech component of the crime may not be identified at all.
The strength of the Chilean model for household water service, Bauer says, is that it both preserves the larger system of price signals needed for valuing a scarce resource and addresses low-income users' needs within that system.
Your teacher ends round 1 after the panthers have found--or failed to find--their chosen resource.
One key benefit of port-based resource allocation is that it enables quality of service (QoS) policies that let data center managers differentiate data flows to ensure that mission critical applications always have priority access to storage resources.
This study examined the use of electronic library resources by teaching faculty to determine which were important to them.
Since its inception last September, the E-Health Resource Center has led the way in amassing the best insight into this rapidly evolving aspect of health care.