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resound through(out) something

to roar, noisily, through a space or an enclosed area. An explosion resounded through the busy train station. An explosion resounded throughout the busy train station.
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resound with something

[for something, such as the air or a place] to be filled with sound or sounds. The hall resounded with the sounds of the orchestra. The house resounded with the laughter of children.
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They have spoken clearly and resoundingly that they want Mayor Duterte to be our next president, Trillanes said in a statement.
Their crusade against the poor might not secure a victory for Mr Corbyn alone, but if they go too far in their attacks on the middle classes, we might see him elected as resoundingly as Alexis Tsipras was in Greece.
If you put this to a vote in big cities, I think people are going to say resoundingly no.
A soulful country music video has been produced by members of the American Christian organization HaYovel, which declares resoundingly in line with its title: "Israel, You're Not Alone.
Against the backdrop of large anti-Semitic riots in Paris, and the murder of four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels by a French Muslim killer, Mehdi Nemmouche, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made a resoundingly firm connection between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism that other world leadersand many Jewsare afraid to make.
There are some who really know their beers and arrive to pass judgement, but all have been resoundingly complimentary.
CRICKET: Captain AB de Villiers hit 115 not out as South Africa resoundingly completed a 4-1 win in their one-day international series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates.
A GAME OF MUSICAL CHAIRS IN CALIFORNIA HAS FINISHED WITH FORMER ASSEMBLYWOMAN HOLLY MITCHELL (D) resoundingly defeating her Republican opponent to win a Senate seat vacated when Curren Price (D) was elected to the Los Angeles City Council.
This is resoundingly evident in the show "Bangles to Benches: Contemporary Jewelry and Design," which opens Oct.
Our partnership voted resoundingly in favor of this opportunity," said Cesare Mainardi, chief executive of Booz & Company.
He added: "Teachers are resoundingly stating the minister's plan to remove the State exam and State qualification at Junior Cycle is a retrograde step.
The plain fact of the matter is the high street favourite has gone resoundingly off the boil.
The 2005 disaster killed 1833 people as the US government resoundingly failed to deal with the floods.
The House of Representatives resoundingly voted to prohibit spending any tax dollars on deploying ground forces in Libya and narrowly defeated a measure to speed up a timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.
The Bluebirds are without a win in three, have the scars of last year's play-offs to overcome and were resoundingly booed off the park during their last home game, a depressing 3-0 reverse against Middlesbrough.