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resound through(out) something

to roar, noisily, through a space or an enclosed area. An explosion resounded through the busy train station. An explosion resounded throughout the busy train station.
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resound with something

[for something, such as the air or a place] to be filled with sound or sounds. The hall resounded with the sounds of the orchestra. The house resounded with the laughter of children.
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ICELANDERS have resoundingly rejected a plan to repay pounds 2.
All the results we have confirm that President Faure has resoundingly, I mean resoundingly, won this election," Pascal Bodjona, a government spokesman, told Radio France Internationale on Friday.
Rafael Benitez's men limped to a 1-0 win over Debrecen on this ground on matchday one and were resoundingly beaten 2-0 by Fiorentina three weeks ago, and they will need a much-improved performance against the French side, who were national champions for seven seasons in succession between 2001/02 and 2007/08.
ORANGE - Voters yesterday resoundingly defeated a $398,000 override to the town's $16,795,140 budget for the fiscal year, which begins July 1.
Vignettes of conflict between ethnicities, the difficulty of integrating into American society, family closeness, love, shock, and survival, Where the Ox Does Not Plow is a resoundingly authentic account of a rich and varied life, illustrated with a dozen black-and-white photographs.
The Darwin Conspiracy has become a morality tale for the modern age and the message is resoundingly clear - no matter how hard we try to run and hide, our lives will always catch up with us.
Webb is resoundingly honest about challenges in his life, including the loss of his infant daughter, the dissolution of his first marriage, his political battles and his struggle with cancer.
This ruling takes management of these public lands out of the hands of special interests and gives it back to the public, who made it resoundingly clear that these lands should remain intact," said Robert Vandermark, Director of the Heritage Forests Campaign.
Readers give to a variety of causes for a variety of reasons, but they resoundingly agree that they want their donations to directly support their chosen causes and not administrative costs.
Financially solvent companies, therefore, can access term loans from an institution that values human potential and sound ideas as much as it does tangible assets, equity and solvency, a fact resoundingly supported by BDC's commitment to start-up firms.
During the campaign to persuade Congress to approve NAFTA, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, along with Shultz a proud internationalist and prominent CFR member, authored a newspaper column in which he resoundingly supported everything about NAFTA.
But on Tuesday night, in an 11-4 pounding of the Colorado Rockies in front of 20,133 at Coors Field, the suddenly surging Dodgers answered two of their biggest questions resoundingly.
While the names change, the stories are resoundingly similar: the road to incarceration begins in a childhood and youth marked by abandonment, sexual abuse, and poverty.
Circumstances were in place for Rogers to deliver and he and project director Ivan Harbour have done so resoundingly.
It is resoundingly obvious this is not going to happen.