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resign from (something)

To officially remove oneself from a job or position of responsibility or authority. The chief resigned from the police force following allegations of departmental corruption. I'll be resigning from the board of directors next month.
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resign (oneself) to (something)

To accept that one must do, undertake, or endure something. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be hated by my peers, but I stand by my decision to act as a whistleblower. He once had artistic aspiration, but he's resigned himself to a career of office drudgery.
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under fire

1. Subject to a physical attack. If you get too close to enemy territory, you could come under fire.
2. Subject to intense criticism or judgment. The company came under fire after a newspaper reported allegations of the CEO's misappropriation of funds. You will definitely come under fire if they find out that you were responsible for the printing error.
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resign from something

to make a written statement that removes one from an office or position of employment. Andy resigned from the fraternity. I will not resign from my job. You will have to fire me.
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resign oneself to something

to accept something reluctantly. I finally resigned myself to going to Mexico even though I didn't want to. Mary resigned herself to her fate.
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*under fire

Fig. during an attack; being attacked. (*Typically: be ~; resign ~; think ~.) There was a scandal in city hall, and the mayor was forced to resign under fire. John is a good lawyer because he can think under fire.
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under fire

Criticized or held responsible, as in The landlord is under fire for not repairing the roof. This expression originally referred to being within range of enemy guns; its figurative use dates from the late 1800s.
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under fire

1 being shot at. 2 being rigorously criticized.
2 1993 Albuquerque (New Mexico) Journal Zoe Baird, under fire for hiring illegal aliens to work in her home, has withdrawn her name as President Clinton's nominee for US Attorney General.
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resign to

To submit oneself passively to something; give in to doing something: Everyone had left for the movie, so I resigned myself to washing the dishes.
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under fire

1. Exposed or subjected to enemy attack.
2. Exposed or subjected to critical attack or censure: an official who was under fire for mismanagement.
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John's on Saturday he considered resigning and then decided to stick out the season after a weekend of ``soul-searching.
I was not soul-searching or even considering resigning, just concerned that we weren't playing better basketball,'' he said.
The journal's attack on the experiments has led to widespread discussion, including harsh criticism of the journal itself, and focuses attention on the role of the 25-member editorial board, including the two who are resigning, Dr.
I thank all the resigning directors for their counsel over the years, and am excited to welcome Mr.
Hutts is resigning his positions as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
Reynolds, on behalf of Pacer's Board of Directors, stated that "We find the actions of Tirman and Merriman in resigning from the Board incongruous and hard to understand in light of Tirman's statement that he intended `to place the interests of the shareholders first'.
The resigning Board members now constitute the Board of Directors of Convergys, with Mechem as chairman.
In addition to Mechem, the resigning directors are John F.
NASDAQ:ADIN) Monday announced that after meeting with officials of Bank of New York last week to discuss the impact of Arthur Andersen LLP resigning as auditors of the company, it was agreed that the current $15 million credit facility would be maintained for the company.
As a result of the company's former auditors resigning earlier this week, and the withdrawing of their reports related to the company's financial statements for certain periods, certain covenants of the agreement between the company and Bank of New York Financial Credit are in default.
Each resigning director is also a director of Grand Casinos, Inc.
Raymond said that he is resigning his post as CEO so that he can spend more time on his other business interests.
Cavanaugh was appointed as Senior Vice President, Assistant Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer of DUC, each of whom assumes the positions held by the resigning Richard R.
Plaskett, is resigning to assume the position of chairman of the board of Fresh Choice, Inc.