resign oneself to

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resign (oneself) to (something)

To accept that one must do, undertake, or endure something. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be hated by my peers, but I stand by my decision to act as a whistleblower. He once had artistic aspiration, but he's resigned himself to a career of office drudgery.
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resign oneself to something

to accept something reluctantly. I finally resigned myself to going to Mexico even though I didn't want to. Mary resigned herself to her fate.
See also: resign
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He said it was foolish to resign oneself to one's fate without making any efforts to save oneself because life is God's greatest gift to man.
Peter's Basilica on Sunday the Pope Benedict said that, "One must never resign oneself to the lack of peace.
The former German vice-chancellor and foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, warned earlier this year that Europe was facing the dilemma, "Pay for the southern European countries or resign oneself to the end of the euro.
Does Europe pay for the southern European countries or does it resign oneself to the end of the euro?
For the liberal progressive, then, to resign oneself to history is an immoral and foolish attitude.
One need not, therefore, resign oneself to abandoning either heaven or the world.