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in residence

Appointed to live and work in a specific place, especially a college or university, for a certain length of time so as to be a source of inspiration, interest, and knowledge to others in the field. (Usually said of creative artists.) The university is so fortunate to have a writer in residence of your unmatched intellect and ability.
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take up residence

some place to make a residence of a place. Ed took up residence in a small efficiency apartment. It looks as if a family of mice has taken up residence in the cupboard.
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in residence

Committed to live and work in a certain place, often for a specific length of time. For example, He loved being the college's poet in residence. This expression, dating from the 1300s, originally referred to ecclesiastical clerics whose presence was required in a specific church. It was extended to other appointments in the mid-1800s.
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— in residence

a person with a specified occupation (especially an artist or writer) paid to work for a time in a college or other institution.
2002 Ashmolean Annual Report Artist in Residence, Sarah Mulhall , demonstrates print-making techniques.
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in ˈresidence

having an official position in a particular place such as a college or university: a writer/an artist/a musician in residence
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in residence

Committed to live and work in a specific place, often for a certain length of time: an artist in residence at a college.
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The employer contracts with the RSC to assist in the sale of the employee's residence.
Residences enjoy the luxury of outdoor space with most featuring translucent, glass balconies and rich Ipe hardwood decks.
Taxpayers who own both a personal residence and a vacation home should carefully consider their strategy for selling these properties.
Bishopscourt is "is one of the few large private residences left in Montreal's historic Square Mile, and its listing has caused a flurry of interest," he added.
The trend toward modern design as the indoor and outdoor environment of choice in South Florida residences is emerging strongly along with the concept of affordable Luxury, according to Jose Suarez, an award-winning architect and a principal of BSG Development Corporation.
This safe harbor applies only if the change in place of employment occurs during the period of the taxpayer's ownership and use of the property as his or her principal residence.
The inference that drugs, scales, and packaging are in a drug offense arrestee's residence is particularly strong when the arrestee is found in possession of drugs that appear to be evenly weighed and packaged, and none of the packaging material or measuring devices are found on or near the suspect at the time of his arrest.
A "qualified personal residence trust" generally has the same requirements as a personal residence trust.
This table shows that, overall, persons employed within both residential systems were predominantly female (82% were female), young (59% were between 18 to 27 years of age), educated (74% had some college level experience), and experienced (41% had been working in their residence for a year or more, and 43% had prior working experience in residences serving the developmentally disabled).
121-3(c)(1) and (2), a sale or exchange by reason of a change in place of employment occurs when the taxpayer owns and uses the property as a principal residence and the qualified individual's (QI's) new place of employment is at least 50 miles farther from the residence sold or exchanged than was the former place of employment.
This election is made by filing a return for the tax year of the sale or exchange of the taxpayer's principal residence that excludes the gain from gross income.
New York,(2) the Court held that if the arrest involves an entry into the suspect's private residence, an arrest warrant is necessary--absent an emergency or consent--to justify that entry.
The exquisite residence - complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, a terrace and breathtaking views - is a full-scale, offsite model for the new collection of 173 luxury condominiums at 10 West End Avenue.
The residence is positioned on a plateau with an arrival square, a reflecting pool, a reception courtyard and an herb garden.
In a recent ruling, a taxpayer qualified for a reduced principal residence exclusion when she sold a principal residence less than two years after purchasing it so that she could meet state adoption requirements.