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without reserve

Readily or candidly. Once the music starts at the reception, get your camera ready because Aunt Millie will be dancing without reserve! Thank you for speaking without reserve—that kind of honest feedback is exactly what we're looking for.
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in reserve

Being saved for future use; set aside. Most people would be shocked if they knew how much money the government has in reserve. I'm keeping those snacks in reserve for the road trip.
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hold someone or something in reserve and keep someone or something in reserve

Fig. to hold back someone or something for future needs. I am holding the frozen desserts in reserve, in case we run out of cake. We are holding Sharon in reserve. Keep a few good players in reserve.
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reserve something for someone or something

to save or set aside something for someone or something. I am reserving this seat for Claire. We are reserving some of the cake for tomorrow.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved. For example, We have a fair amount of cash in reserve, or The coach decided to keep the best player in reserve until the last quarter. [Late 1600s]
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in reˈserve

available to be used in the future or when needed: The money was being kept in reserve for their retirement.200 police officers were held in reserve.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved.
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References in classic literature ?
Miss Pink wrote word of the engagement to Moody first; reserving to a later day the superior pleasure of informing Lady Lydiard of the very event which that audacious woman had declared to be impossible.
I don't want to put 'Monsieur le baron,' because I am reserving his honors till the last, when they rained upon him.
Lady Lundie, accordingly, foregoes her intention of calling at the Craig Fernie inn, to express her sentiments and make her inquiries in person, and commits to Sir Patrick the duty of expressing her sentiments; reserving to herself the right of making her inquiries at the next convenient opportunity.
The debate over reserving for these policies stems from various interpretations of the NAIC's Actuarial Guideline 38.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision technology, announced today that Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI), the exclusive provider of workers' compensation insurance in the state of North Dakota, has licensed Fair Isaac's MIRA(TM) Claims Advisor for Reserving technology.
While not a preferred long-term reserving method, this approach could be used to determine a temporary minimum reserve value.
Many companies are relying on reinsurers to secure statutory reserve credits, and much of this business has been placed offshore, where NAIC reserving regulations do not apply.