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without reserve

Readily or candidly. Once the music starts at the reception, get your camera ready because Aunt Millie will be dancing without reserve! Thank you for speaking without reserve—that kind of honest feedback is exactly what we're looking for.
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in reserve

Being saved for future use; set aside. Most people would be shocked if they knew how much money the government has in reserve. I'm keeping those snacks in reserve for the road trip.
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hold someone or something in reserve and keep someone or something in reserve

Fig. to hold back someone or something for future needs. I am holding the frozen desserts in reserve, in case we run out of cake. We are holding Sharon in reserve. Keep a few good players in reserve.
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reserve something for someone or something

to save or set aside something for someone or something. I am reserving this seat for Claire. We are reserving some of the cake for tomorrow.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved. For example, We have a fair amount of cash in reserve, or The coach decided to keep the best player in reserve until the last quarter. [Late 1600s]
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in reˈserve

available to be used in the future or when needed: The money was being kept in reserve for their retirement.200 police officers were held in reserve.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved.
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Army Reserve to transform from a strategic to an operational focus in order to meet expeditionary rotational requirements, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's units now have a global mission focus.
During the 1970s, the Club of Rome report The Limits to Growth projected that, assuming consumption remained flat, all known oil reserves would be entirely consumed in just 31 years.
The annual indexing of the low reserve tranche and the reserve requirement exemption amount is based on growth in net transaction accounts and total reservable liabilities, respectively, at all depository institutions between June 30, 2004, and June 30, 2005.
AG 38 is the model rule that offers a complex mathematical formula for calculating reserves.
More than 13,000 reserve troops from California are mobilized, including more than 300 Army Reserve and Army National Guard members based in Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale and Sherman Oaks.
During the past 30 months, the group has pored over almost 100 studies of marine reserves, looking for specifics on how well their no-take policies protect ecosystems or let fish stocks rebuild.
816(a) was intended to distinguish between life and nonlife companies based on the nature of each company's business, as measured by reserves.
Reserve Officers Association executive director, said that reductions already are taking place before the completion of the analysis of active/reserve force mix alternatives directed by Congress in 1991.
Statutory reserves protect creditors in that some portion of profits must be permanently retained as assets.
Deterministic and Probabilistic Estimation of Reserves
Uniform reserves, depending on their status and training, can go out on calls alone, with another reserve or with a full-time deputy.
They have the everyday dealings with Active Army personnel and a distinct knowledge of the Reserves.
Survival ratios--the number of years that carried reserves will be available if the payment level continues--are primarily used to make a comparison of relative reserve levels for asbestos and environmental liabilities between insurance companies or to compare a company or group of companies' reserves to the industry average.
Generally, however, reserves may be paid expenses, reasonable benefits, a nominal fee, or any combination thereof, without losing their status as volunteers.
SAN ANTONIO -- Abraxas Petroleum Corporation (AMEX:ABP) today announced year-end 2006 reserves, provided an operational update and presentation details for the upcoming Independent Petroleum Association of America's ("IPAA") Small Cap Oil & Gas Investment Symposium to be held February 6-8, 2007 in Boca Raton, Florida.