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without reserve

Readily or candidly. Once the music starts at the reception, get your camera ready because Aunt Millie will be dancing without reserve! Thank you for speaking without reserve—that kind of honest feedback is exactly what we're looking for.
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in reserve

Saved for future use; set aside. Most people would be shocked if they knew how much money the government has in reserve. I'm keeping those snacks in reserve for the road trip.
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hold someone or something in reserve and keep someone or something in reserve

Fig. to hold back someone or something for future needs. I am holding the frozen desserts in reserve, in case we run out of cake. We are holding Sharon in reserve. Keep a few good players in reserve.
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reserve something for someone or something

to save or set aside something for someone or something. I am reserving this seat for Claire. We are reserving some of the cake for tomorrow.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved. For example, We have a fair amount of cash in reserve, or The coach decided to keep the best player in reserve until the last quarter. [Late 1600s]
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in reˈserve

available to be used in the future or when needed: The money was being kept in reserve for their retirement.200 police officers were held in reserve.
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in reserve

Kept back, set aside, or saved.
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5) Even in the United States, the Federal Reserve has recently allowed depository institutions to reduce the cost of reserve requirements by sweeping reservable accounts into nonreservable accounts.
In contrast, in a world with reserve requirements, the demand for reserve balances depends mainly on the level of reservable deposits held by an institution, which may bear little relationship to payments needs.
These annual adjustments, known as the low reserve tranche adjustment and the reserve requirement exemption amount adjustment, are based on growth in net transaction accounts and total reservable liabilities, respectively, at all depository institutions between June 30, 2003, and June 30, 2004.
For example, even with a 0 percent reserve requirement, Eurocurrency liabilities are a reservable liability of the bank and hence may affect the marginal reserve requirement on other liabilities as well as the required frequency of deposit reporting and reserve settlement.
The third is a decline in banks' reliance on reservable deposits - to the extent that banks substitute nonreservable liabilities for those bearing reserve requirements, they can effectively avoid paying the implicit reserve requirement tax.
More specifically, two key factors shape the way in which monetary policy works: the extent to which banks rely on reservable deposit financing, and hence adjust their loan supply schedules in the wake of open market operations; and the extent to which certain borrowers in the economy are "bank-dependent," and therefore cannot offset these Fed-induced shifts in bank loan supply easily.
Provide sufficient telephone reservations staff who are well trained and knowledgeable about Louisiana geography and State Parks, who will receive inbound toll free telephone calls from customers who wish to make reservations for State Parks campsites, cabins, group camps, pavilions, lodges, meeting rooms or any other mutually agreed upon reservable facilities within Parks.
shortage (too few reservable assets relative to those it wants to hold)
com: This Hoodoo Recreation Services site includes everything you need to know about every developed campsite in the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests, regardless of whether the site is reservable.
The Regulation D amendments also increase the amount of total reservable liabilities of each depository institution that are subject to a zero percent reserve requirement in 2004 from $6.
Please note certain journeys, such as Glasgow to Aberdeen, are reservable.
This relationship reflects the demand for reservable deposits on behalf of depository institutions and therefore reserve requirements and excess reserves.
John Taylor begins his analysis with a detailed discussion of the federal funds market and two important changes that affect the demand for reserves--the virtual elimination of reserve requirements as a consequence of banks "sweeping" reservable deposits and the 1998 move to lagged reserve accounting.
Compared to a zero-interest-rate target, the Policy Board's discussion suggests the quantity target should ensure that, when the economy and demand for reservable deposits begin to pick up, market demand should put upward pressure on the call rate.
Additionally, drivers can locate reservable stations, and then make, view, and cancel a reservation directly from their smart phone.