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resemble someone or something in something

to look or seem like someone or something. You resemble my Uncle Herman in the way you walk. This resembles vanilla ice cream in flavor, but not in consistency.
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22 ( ANI ): Images reportedly leaked on the internet have revealed an interface that resembles both Windows and Google Now.
The colt is emblazoned with a white star and is said to resemble his mother.
The fruit in question is not a kiwi but a feijoa that happens to resemble the flightless bird that is the national symbol of New Zealand.
What is not discussed, however, is precisely how this essentially private enterprise will even remotely resemble a public space, or how permeable the site will be once the large auditorium lands in the middle.
These scenes resemble the Pottersville segments from ``It's a Wonderful Life'' and provide a brief, tantalizing glimpse of the darkness beneath so much holiday cheer.
That raised alarms because the compounds, as complex halogenated chemicals, structurally resemble the pesticide DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which were once used in flame retardants.
If the property does not closely resemble either extreme, then the court should determine whether the transaction created a horizontal or a vertical carve-out.
Schools have been adding retail establishments such as Starbucks and food-court staples like Chick-fil-A for years, but this new movement is transforming all dining halls, including those operated by the university or an outsourced company, into establishments that resemble off-campus eateries.
These sometimes appear indecently keen to resemble emotional excavations, their superficial carelessness and imprecision too composed, too tactical.
From an aerial view, the 60 islands that comprise the BVI territory resemble a trove of fine emerald gems set upon a sea of sapphire silk.
Strange, / how your underwear, discarded / (I later observe) / does not resemble / a glacier at all.
The Rofan resemble lupine Klingans, with the same penchant for violence.
The epithelial cells usually resemble those in nonkeratinizing squamous epithelium; less commonly, they resemble columnar gland-like cells with a clear cytoplasm, and in rare cases they resemble duct-like structures.
Viruses or worms that are spread undetected but are activated at a later date (as was the case with the Michelangelo virus, discovered in 1991 and still around) resemble latent microbes, such as HIV.
The columnist noted that the site argues that dinosaurs may still be alive today and even claims to have photos, although as Michael mentioned, "Most of these prehistoric creatures resemble a cross between Pete's Dragon and a sock puppet, a testament to the science-fiction B-films of yesteryear.