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bear a resemblance to (someone or something)

To share similarities, especially in appearance, with someone or something else. Wow, you really bear a resemblance to your mother! I was about to call you by her name. These two pieces of music certainly bear a resemblance to each other—it's a little suspicious, if you ask me.
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bear a resemblance to someone or something

to have a degree of similarity to someone or something. This wallet bears a strong resemblance to the one I lost last month. Do you think that Wally bears any resemblance to his sister Mary?
See also: bear, resemblance
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30 ( ANI ): An international retail company, which deals in clothing and accessories, has introduced 'check mini skirt' that has an uncanny resemblance to traditional Indian lungis.
According to Morin, a number told her about her striking resemblance to Markle.
4) Private vehicles having a resemblance to vehicles of police and other law enforcement agencies
Talking to Pakistan Today, MPCHS Information Secretary Aslam Rao stated, "The security guards of MPCHS have beenwearing the uniform since 1988 and it has no resemblance with the uniform of Islamabad police".
While she's no stranger to being told of her resemblance to Gomez, she still wants to be known for her own identity.
Auto Business News-May 9, 2017--BMW's iNext model likely to bear resemblance to Vision Next 100 concept vehicle
Security guards with the uniform having resemblance with uniform of law enforcement agencies can not be employed.
If Ario-Bluen looks like the chef now, imagine the resemblance when he starts having temper tantrums.
This projects implements a particular approach in measuring image resemblance called Perceptual Systems Approach, based on Near Sets Theory where image resemblance is viewed as a form of nearness between sets of perceptual objects.
EVEN though a controversy is raging over a newly unveiled Chinese missile that bears an uncanny resemblance to the mainstay Indian Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, a top scientist who co- developed the Indian system with Russia has said that the two are completely different and that Beijing is years from perfecting this technology.
The resemblance was unintentional and the design had been inspired by sheriff's stars from classic Western films, she said.
Two-year-old Harley Atkins, from Eastham, has been given the title of Wirral Celebritot 2014 thanks to his resemblance to TV actor Martin Clunes.
JORDY* Randy judge has a statue of Ashley Cole which she cradles at night *No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Cheryl Cole LOUIS* Doddery old man who is obsessed with dreadful Irish boybands *No resemblance to any real person intended, especially not Louis Walsh SIMON* Talent show supremo is target of frequent gay references *Only Simon knows if this character has resemblance to a real person.
Coinciding with the celebration of the 43rd National Day, the Central Bank of Oman has issued a silver commemorative coin depicting a resemblance of the Umayyad Dirham, which was minted in Oman in 81 H, at the centre.
A spokesman for the club said: "Someone noticed the resemblance a couple of months ago.