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research into someone or something

to study about someone or something thoroughly. I decided that I would research into Queen Elizabeth. We researched into the period in which she lived.
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blue-sky research

research that is not directed towards any immediate or definite commercial goal.
1997 New Scientist Bell Labs and IBM are well known for blue-sky research. They have people who are paid just to sit around and think—not about products.
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These authors include two valuable tables: one lists examples of content analysis in LIS research from 1991 to 2005, while the other summarizes the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative content analysis.
Williamson discusses the undertaking of research using a constructivist philosophical framework and ethnographic techniques.
Syngenta spokesperson Susan Morris says the company uses all available types of market research, including syndicated and proprietary (customized), to meet the demands of each inquiry.
Research demonstrating that the services they provide impact student outcomes such as achievement, safety, attendance, discipline, and postsecondary choices
NIEHS recognizes that to accomplish this research agenda, two types of activities need to converge.
At the start of 2006, Congress was poised to enact another one-year extension of the research credit (which otherwise expired on Dec.
For decades, corporate R & D leaders and university researchers have looked at each other across a broad chasm: Companies have wanted access to research they can commercialize quickly, often within a fiscal quarter, and they've had scant patience for the academic pursuit of the frontiers of knowledge, or basic research.
ITEM: The October 11 Chicago Tribune reported that President Bush "prohibited use of federal money for research on embryonic stem-cell lines created after August 9, 2001.
Barker is retired director of research and development for Union Camp Corp.
Genome Canada in partnership with the Ontario Government's Research and Development Challenge Fund, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and industry partners Sun Microsystems, MDS Proteomics and Foundry Networks are to fund Blueprint's BIND software development, database curation, computer hardware and networking.
Thanks to a committed board and a hard-working IABC Research Foundation staff led by director Natasha Spring, the foundation has accomplished many objectives.
Scientists responded to this movement by proposing to strengthen the standards and regulation of animal research and care.
How Will Treatment in a Clinical Research Study Differ from Treatment Your Own Doctor Provides?
The research on fibromyalgia supported by NIAMS covers a broad spectrum from basic research to behavioral interventions.
This article provides a case analysis of how to best develop a user experience research design course in which methodologies from the humanities and sciences are utilized in an interdisciplinary fashion.