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requisition something for someone or something

to present an order or formal request for something for someone or some purpose. I will have to requisition a desk for you. You can't work an eight-hour day at a table. We will requisition catering for the office party.
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requisition something from someone or something

to send an order or formal request to someone or something for something. The general requisitioned food and bedding from the supply depot. We requisitioned a new bookcase from central supply.
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moonlight requisition

n. a nighttime theft. (see also liberate.) It took a moonlight requisition to get the medicine we needed.
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The complete text of the letter from the Creo Board to the requisitioning shareholders can be accessed at www.
SelectSite SRA(TM) (Sourcing and Requisitioning Application) is a robust, highly configurable, web-based sourcing, requisitioning and catalog management solution for laboratory products.
With this partnership, schools can accomplish the entire procurement process, from bidding and requisitioning to paying and reconciling the budget, online, and can easily track purchasing trends and payment records in real time.
Geac Enterprise Solutions, a division of Geac Computer Corporation Limited (TSE: GAC), today announced that Hartford Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in New England, has successfully implemented SupplyPoint - Geac's new thin-client, Web-based e-business requisitioning application.
PurchaseSoft's suite of products provide end-to-end functionality for requisitioning, purchasing, inventory, asset tracking, receiving, cataloging and decision support, in a combination of Java and HTML.
The new version includes 18 significant functional improvements designed to provide users with improved maintenance scheduling, inventory, requisitioning, purchasing and invoicing capabilities.
SourceSmart is an HTML-based solution used for requisitioning items, accessing on-line catalogs, ordering and receiving.
Under the terms of the agreement, HMA will exclusively implement and use empactHealth's empactBuy solution for the online requisitioning, ordering and purchasing of all medical and non-medical supplies and services for the company's 32 acute care hospitals, and any facilities HMA adds in the future.
Plans are to add Internet-based requisitioning, digital and on-demand print solutions, electronic forms, and electronic printing and mailing.
It optimizes the entire procurement process with Web-based e-business requisitioning and approvals, as well as receiving and automatic sourcing, coordinates and supervises all inventory transactions, receives orders, and allows users immediate access to all significant information related to this process.
Of that amount, $23 billion goes purely to processing costs - requisitioning, ordering, invoicing, tracking, inventory management, and distribution.
Purchase Requisition Manager features several powerful electronic procurement capabilities, including desktop requisitioning, flexible approval routing, purchase order creation, support for both production and non-production requirements and buying analysis and optimization for purchasing professionals.