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require (something) from (someone or something)

1. To demand or stipulate as obligatory that someone or something provide, submit, or turn over something. The law requires a signed disclosure from each member of the board of directors. The bank requires collateral from all business taking out loans.
2. To have a necessity or requisite provided by someone or something. There are many people in the region who require the help of the government. I require more from life than just a roof over my head and three meals a day.
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require (something) of (someone or something)

To have a necessity or requisite provided by someone or something. Typically used when the required thing is vague or unspecified ("from" is more often used after "require" when the thing is specified). There are a few things we require of you before we can begin processing your information. We're still a little unclear as to what is required of us in this arrangement.
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require (someone or something) to (do something)

To demand or stipulate as obligatory that someone or something to something. The law requires you to disclose any and all assets held in foreign banks. We require all our guests to sign a waiver before going on the ride.
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902 corporation not required to file Form 1120F, U.
Among the key areas of the proposed regulations are: (1) Independent contractors must be counted as part of the workforce and trained; (2) Training with a prior employer within the two-year window may qualify; (3) Retraining generally would be permissible sometime during a "training year," instead of exactly two years for each person; (4) Training would be required only of supervisors located in California; and (5) "Subject matter expert" and other qualifications for trainers are listed.
This process becomes the extruder operator's responsibility, eliminating additional labor required for downstream or post-production operations.
While the Suspicious Activity Reporting rule applies to insurance companies and the covered products--and not to agents and brokers--insurers are required to implement policies and procedures designed to detect suspicious activity from all relevant sources.
Adding I/O where processing is required does not require another server to house the I/O etc.
While the undergraduates who participated in this study preferred the required offline activities to the required online activities, they also seemed to prefer to have some components of the course online (e.
Acquisition agility--the need for change to define, not disrupt, the program--was required because this technology experiences changes every six months.
The ability to work with the database via the web reduced the time required to process tests and allowed for faster more expansive analysis of available data.
These include "front end loading" a project to identify the required scope of work, use of the project definition rating index, freezing scopes at the start of detail engineering, adopting the tolerance for "zero accidents" during construction, etc.
As proposed, the minimum required capital ratio (8 percent) and the definition of regulatory capital (certain equity, reserves, and subordinated debt) would not change from Basel I.
The rule in its original form gave patients the right to review their medical records and required written patient consent for the transfer of oral, written and electronic medical information.
The selected contractor must also submit required reporting prior to receiving final payment.
It would, however, require creating the same new bi-generational emulator for each generation that is required for chained emulation.
The selection of the proper equipment is predicated on the foundry's metal, casting size and design, binder system, and degree of processing required to provide a suitable reclaimed sand.