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at (someone's) request

Due to having been asked (by someone). I'm only going to the dinner party at my mother's request. Molly has been invited at the bride's request.
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at someone's request

due to someone's request; on being asked by someone. At his mother's request, Tom stopped playing the saxophone. At the request of the police officer, Bill pulled his car over to the side of the road.
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request someone to do something

to ask someone to do something. I am going to request you to turn your radio down. Mary was requested to arrive a few minutes early.
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request something from someone

to call for something from someone. I will request an explanation from the employee in question. A full report was requested from each person present.
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request something of someone

to call for someone to give or do something. I have to request a favor of you. Can I request anything more of him?
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at someone's request

On being asked to do something, as in At my request they'll move us to another room, or I'm speaking at his request. [1300s] Also see by request.
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by request

Also, on or upon request . In response to being asked to do something. For example, The band is playing our favorite song by request. This usage replaced at request. [Late 1600s]
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on request

When asked for, as in The agreement states that the rights on this book revert to the author on request. [c. 1800] Also see by request.
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by request

In response to an expressed desire: We are offering these scarves for sale again by request.
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in request

In great demand: a pianist in great request.
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At the Sturbridge police station, a dispatcher had said a requester must fill out a public records request form before viewing the log.
If the Supreme Court finds that states can't deny access to records based on what the requester plans to do with them, the states may respond by simply closing off access to multiple categories of public records to anyone--including journalists.
a claim by the requester that the ODCs used as materials in the predominant method of manufacturing the product are used for purposes of refrigeration or air conditioning, creating an aerosol or foam, or manufacturing electronic components, or that no such chemicals are used for such purposes.
In Boylston, a police officer required a requester to hand over his driver's license, which a dispatcher made a photocopy of, before providing the log.
If the subject's information hits on something in the criminal history database, the requester receives an immediate "request under review" response.
For the first time, local governments could consider anyone who files more than seven Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in one week, or more than 15 a month, as a "recurrent requester," according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
SQL(TM) database -- the Remote Data Requester for Linux, enabling companies to connect their Pervasive databases to remote Linux-based devices, such as desktops, point-of-sale systems, set-top boxes and medical equipment.
Or, when the requester has a followup question, we will try to refer the customer to the originating office if we know what the office is.
The law defines "compelling need" to include a situation in which the requester is a "person primarily engaged in disseminating information.
6104(d)-3(d)(1)(iii), the tax-exempt organization, on receipt of an in-person request, must immediately provide the agent's name, address and telephone number to the requester.
An organization that has a prepayment policy and receives a written request without prepayment has seven days to inform the requester of the required prepayment.
Only then will the loser be able to ask for a recount, costing between $4,500 and $7,000 a day and paid by the requester, McCormack said.
A contracting entity / application to participate requester has the right to check the candidate~s participation in the application documents provided by the data before selecting candidates invited to negotiate.
Information provided by the requester is checked against the criminal history database maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository.
The decision on whether to request an FSA or TA by IRS field personnel generally depends on whether the requester is seeking a final determination as to the Service's position on a particular issue or is merely attempting to obtain assistance in developing a case to make his own determination.