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at (someone's) request

Due to having been asked (by someone). I'm only going to the dinner party at my mother's request. Molly has been invited at the bride's request.
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at someone's request

due to someone's request; on being asked by someone. At his mother's request, Tom stopped playing the saxophone. At the request of the police officer, Bill pulled his car over to the side of the road.
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request someone to do something

to ask someone to do something. I am going to request you to turn your radio down. Mary was requested to arrive a few minutes early.
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request something from someone

to call for something from someone. I will request an explanation from the employee in question. A full report was requested from each person present.
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request something of someone

to call for someone to give or do something. I have to request a favor of you. Can I request anything more of him?
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at someone's request

On being asked to do something, as in At my request they'll move us to another room, or I'm speaking at his request. [1300s] Also see by request.
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by request

Also, on or upon request . In response to being asked to do something. For example, The band is playing our favorite song by request. This usage replaced at request. [Late 1600s]
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on request

When asked for, as in The agreement states that the rights on this book revert to the author on request. [c. 1800] Also see by request.
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by request

In response to an expressed desire: We are offering these scarves for sale again by request.
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in request

In great demand: a pianist in great request.
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income tax returns for every year for which a waiver is requested.
The officer and the prosecutor work through the OIA, and the requested country is obligated to assist if the request complies with the treaty.
For both of these windows, the taxpayer must attach a separate signed statement certifying that, to the best of the taxpayer's knowledge, the requested method change is not an issue under consideration or an issue placed in suspense by the Examination function.
Requested funds will help support new and ongoing programs to help meet membership action plan goals and objectives and enhance interoperability with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
17) If the agency decides to comply with the taxpayer's request, the requested copies must be made "promptly available" to the taxpayer.
Quinn said the White House was still working to ensure that ``all of the files that were requested mistakenly have been returned to the FBI.
whether the requesting spouse was in poor mental or physical health on the dare he or she signed the return or at the time he or she requested relief).
The inquiry was expanded when it was learned that the White House had requested and received a large number of files on officials in the previous Republican administrations, including former Secretary of State James A.
If none is requested by field counsel, Examinations or Appeals, the TEAM takes effect at the end of the 30-day period following its issuance.
As a result, CPAs still are prohibited from making a requested disclosure despite a court "order.
Attorney's office, and its employees, including senior officers, have attended or have been requested to attend interviews conducted by the SEC and the U.
71 reviews when they are requested to provide negative assurance on interim financial information in such comfort letters.
Accord Is Most Requested Vehicle Overall for Third Straight Year; Ford Wins in Sporty Car and Truck Categories; GM's Hummer Brand Enjoys Biggest Year-Over-Year Growth