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house of ill repute

 and house of ill fame
Euph. a house of prostitution. The sign says "Health Club," but everyone knows it's a house of ill repute. He made a lot of money by running a house of ill fame.
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woman of ill repute

Euph. a prostitute. His favorite companion was a woman of ill repute. If you can't be faithful to your husband, you're no better than a woman of ill repute.
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Official sources said that Mirpur district CPLC comprising seasoned good reputed brains representing different classes of the society including members from legal experts, social and peace activists, business fraternity, journalists and retired officials of police and the civil administration was being formed soon.
He further mentioned that well reputed owners of hotels were included among 57 persons detained for selling meat on meatless day in bazaars.
More than 1000 people including reputed pathologists, microbiologists, diabetologists & hematologists from all over the world, visited the ERBA stall.
Al Musannah: The 3rd Religious Forum were concluded at a reputed hotel in Al Musannah Wednesday under the auspices of honourable Zahir bin Abdullah al-Abri, member at the State Council in the presence of Sheikh Dr.
Summary: The highly reputed New York Times has called Dubai's bid for the World Expo 2020 the "front-runner" out of the four international bids.
The students are studying in reputed colleges in Delhi and were transporting drugs to Mizoram from where it was to be sent to Myanmar.
The internationally reputed Salalah Theatre Band will be featuring one of its most prominent plays at the Muscat Festival this year.
According to details FIA cyber crime circle has started investigating that some scruples element created fake Facebook accounts in name well reputed ladies and blackmailing them.
A Worcestershire company, whose manufacturing facility is reputed to be the oldest factory in the world, is the August winner of The Birmingham Post Business Award.
When President Bush made the case for going to war against Iraq, he repeatedly stated that the purpose was to disarm Saddam's regime of its reputed weapons of mass destruction, pursuant to UN Security Council resolutions.
Martinez, an ex-convict and reputed gang member, was arrested Friday afternoon in Lancaster in a car deputies stopped near Avenue L and 20th Street West, after getting a tip he would be in the area.
Reputed to be on the auction block are such skate collectibles as Russ Howell's prototype Grentec model (no joke), Tommy Curren's first board, a NoCaster Fender guitar, the wedding book made by Michael "KOP" Jackson for diva Elizabeth Taylor's wedding at Neverland Ranch and Colonel Kilgore's surf cue from the film Apocalypse Now.
nCybi is reputed to have settled in this part of Wales around the middle of the 6th century.
I had never heard of this reputed quote either, until I came across it recently in one of my favourite reference books--Colombo's Canad-ian Quotes, edited by John Robert Colombo, Hurtig Publishers, 1974.
Scores of studies have suggested that these compounds, members of a family known as isoflavones, may underlie many of soy's reputed health benefits.